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Woodpecker deterrent with the Birds-Away Attack SpiderA woodpecker pounding on the side of your house or on a metal vent cap at 5 AM, or any other time, can be quite annoying and also result in some expensive repairs to the wood siding on your house. The suggestions in this article will try to help you solve your woodpecker problem. Before you resort to violence however, remember that there is no open season on woodpeckers.

There are 21 species of woodpeckers in the United States. These handsome birds reward us by consuming millions of noxious insects, including carpenter ants and carpenter bees.

Woodpeckers hammer or peck on wood or metal for basically three distinct reasons. The first has to do with foraging: wood is a major source of insects that woodpeckers seek for food. Woodpeckers will actively search for insects by pecking, chipping, or flaking the wood. The damage from this feeding activity usually occurs in horizontal lines that follow tunnels made by the insects.

The second reason for hammering is called drumming whereby the male announces his claim to a territory and attracts mates by tapping in rapid succession on resonating wood or metal. This is usually done before or during the breeding season, usually February through July, and serves a similar function as singing in songbirds. Drumming is loud, but it is typically short-lived and shouldn’t be considered an endless or destructive problem.

The third form of hammering is destructive, and the word “nuisance” fits into the equation. It is called excavating (or chiseling) whereby either males or females construct holes to store acorns, or to make a nest or roost hole with a chamber, typically in trees. This is the most common cause of damage. The chamber is used for sleeping or rearing the young. Unfortunately, some woodpeckers try to place such a cavity in the side of a house, barn, utility pole, fence post, or other man-made structure.

Woodpecker damage and how to prevent it with the Birds-Away Attack SpiderDamage to wooden buildings may take one of several forms. Holes may be drilled into wood siding, eaves, window frames, and trim boards. Woodpeckers prefer cedar and redwood siding, but will damage pine, fir, cypress, and others. Natural or stained wood surfaces are preferred over painted wood, and newer houses are often primary targets. Particularly vulnerable to damage are rustic-appearing, channeled plywoods with cedar or redwood veneers. The channeling provides places for insects to harbor, thus attracting the woodpeckers.

Sapsuckers bore a series of rows in the bark of limbs or trunks of trees and use their tongues to remove the bug-laden sap. At times, limb and trunk girdling may kill the tree. The wounds of attacked trees can also attract insects, diseases and wood decaying organisms.

Woodpecker damage can be prevented or eliminated with several techniques including visual scare devices, loud noises, exclusion, providing a nest box or drumming site and, least preferably, killing. Take immediate action to reduce damage because woodpeckers are not easily driven from their territories or pecking sites once they are established.

Source: www.attackspider.com

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ALUMINUM! We use rolled sheet aluminum! Each time the woodpeckers damage my cedar siding, when I repair/replace the wood I put aluminum rolled sheet metal attached to the back of each piece. I've also gone as far as to line the attic areas that I can reach with the aluminum rolled sheet metal. Over the years (15+ years) and probably 100 to 200 woodpeckers later, it's fun to watch them as they will now search out the areas that don't have metal behind it and there's only so many of those places left! Still, every now and then they hit metal and they eventually give up, hard on the old beak! It at least keeps them from entering the walls and getting stuck

Wood house & woodpeckers

I live in a pretty wooded area, and my the siding on my house is wood. We also have a lot of woodpeckers who love to peck holes in my house. Yesterday, I saw a bird fly INTO one of these holes. Today, my husband was goign to plug it up with insulation foam, but saw there was a nest in there.
Is there anything that will keep these birds from making holes in the siding? If we put woodpecker feeders up in our yard, would that keep them off our house? Or is there some kind of high pitched whistle that will keep birds away?

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