Specialty Wood Siding, Clapboard wood siding

Live Edge SidingOur wide live edge wood siding is made from choice Eastern White Pine logs and comes beveled comparable to traditional clapboards. This wood siding will give your lakeside or mountain home a well refined provincial look. It also works very well on the gabel ends of log homes to contrast and to tone down the power of the logs. This wood siding is applied in the same manner as clapboards, but with the advantage of an average of an 8 inch exposed face. Your corner boards and window trim will require 1 1/4 inch thick stock.

Extreme Wide Live Edge Siding

Average width 12 inches

Price Per Running Ft.

Log Cabin Siding

8 inch width
6 inch width

Price Per Running Ft.

Log Cabin Siding
Boy Scouts of America
"Live Edge" Project
Roosevelt Forest, Stratford, CT. Live Edge Siding Live Edge Siding Log Cabin Siding Boy Scouts

Source: www.mainetimberworks.com

Texture Plus Texture Plus Indoor/Outdoor Siding Panel, Stacked Stone, Tan
Home Improvement (Texture Plus)
  • Works well in all climates, ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Weather proof, UV stable, highly durable, provides good R value
  • Insulates and soundproofs, impervious to insect attack, impervious to moisture
  • High-density polymer construction
  • 6-inches tall by 7-inches wide, less than 1-pound

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Stucco or wood siding?

I have a house that is in serious need of an exterior paint job. it currently has wood vertical panel siding, which is a pain to paint DIY because of the grooves...which is why it's taken so long to get around to it.
in any case...i really like stucco and was wondering what you all thought about having the house changed from the wood siding to stucco?
- i'm assuming that the wood siding would have to be taken down...or can they stucco over it?
- does anyone have an approximate cost (per square foot) for doing this? i figure if it's not much more than just re-painting (which is going to require a lot of sand-blasting to get rid of the flaking paint), then now is the time to do it

Ogdensburg home rehabilitation program gears up for phase two, on schedule  — WatertownDailyTimes.com
Some homes will receive extensive and visible rehabilitation, including the installation of vinyl siding, roofing and windows. Other homes won't have an obvious exterior update but will have new furnaces or flooring put in.

  • Verde Interior/Exterior Stain - 100% sustainable
  • Petroleum free oil finish with no heavy metal compounds
  • No odor and no offensive fumes, environmentally friendly, Zero V.O.C.
  • For use on decks, siding, fencing, furniture, floors, countertops, cabinets
  • All interior and exterior wood applications

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