Fiber cement siding vs composite siding

Install fiber cement siding

A comparison of fiber cement vs composite siding to help you make the best decision for your home

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If you are ready to give your home a makeover, replacing your existing siding is one way to change things up without having to perform major renovations. Before getting started, compare fiber cemenet siding vs composite siding to see which material is right for your home, as each one has pros and cons you should be aware of before purchasing your building materials. When you are ready to start your project, the Reply! service can help you find local siding contractors to give you an estimate and complete your project.

Fiber cement siding
Fiber cement siding is one possible alternative to wood siding. One of wood siding's disadvantages is that it requires regular maintenance. If you decide to paint your wood siding, you will need to repaint it approximately every five years to keep it looking attractive. Fiber cement siding mimics the look of wood siding and needs very little maintenance, and you do not have to worry about scraping off the old paint and repainting it. This type of siding is produced in continuous lengths, so its seams fit together without overlapping.

Fiber cement siding is composed of sand and resin, so it does not deteriorate like other types of siding. If you live in area where fires are a concern, fiber cement siding does not burn like wood shakes or other wood siding. Another advantage of using this type of siding is that it produces very little dust. Although vinyl siding is more common than fiber cement siding, the fiber cement variety is gaining more attention due to its high strength and ability to fit into a number of design schemes. The major drawback of using this type of siding is that fiber cement siding prices are typically higher than other siding material prices.

Composite siding
Composite siding provides excellent protection against water, extreme temperatures and debris. It comes in several types of textures, so it is useful for a variety of projects. It is also very versatile, so it is suitable for a number of design themes. Composite siding is sometimes made from wood scraps, and this makes the siding more susceptible to insect damage and rotting. Newer types of composite siding are made with durable materials, making them last longer than older varieties of this building material.


Anchor Fasteners Simpson Strong Tie T4PCS1 4d Fiber-Cement Siding Nails 1-1/2-Inch 11 Gauge 316 1-Pound Stainless Steel
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1. Vinyl is pure ugliness. Period. It is the present day equivelant of the ugly multi-colored green and pink fake stone people put on their houses in the 50's - it tries to look like wood, but it looks like vinyl - it looks CHEAP. Furthermore, vinyl can crack in cold weather, as well as over time heating and cooling can cause it to expand and contract leaving with dips and waves. It can also be damaged by severe weather and any damage is much more difficult to repait.
2. The most important reason to avoid vinyl is that it is a horrible toxic product. The production of vinyl creates huge amounts of dioxins that are released into the atmosphere

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