Quartersawn Clapboard Wood Siding White Oak Wood Flooring

Quartersawn, "vertical grain" clapboards are the best investmentyou can make for your home. This highly stable product is always recommendedfor applications with extreme weather exposure, or for surfaces which takeabuse. This milling procedure leaves a straight, vertical grain which minimizes cupping, warping and twisting. Quartersawing exposes the maximum numberof grain surfaces, which act like capillaries to better absorb paint andstain. The following illustrates the quartersawing process:

Quartersawing Versus Resawing

A log is rotated and sawn ---------------------------------One inch boards are sawn from logs
- --into pie shapedpieces. ---------------------------- -------and then cut diagonally on a bandsaw.


Grain is vertical to board. ----------------------------Grain is curved to board.
Leaves a straight vertical grain that resists -----------------Leaves a curved or horizontal grainthat tends
wood's natural tendency to warp and twist.-----------------to warp and twist opposite the curve ofthe
------------------- ---------------------------- --------------growth rings.

Production of Quartersawn Clapboards

Raw Material: Six foot logs of eastern white pine or spruce over13 inches in diameter.

Lathing the Log: To remove bark & even the diameter of thelog.

Before After

Sawing the Log:

The log is mounted on a carriage that moves over a saw which makes a cut along its full length. By rotating the log 3/4 " after every cut a tapered clapboard is produced. il dried to a 12% moisture content. Planing and Grading: Clapboards are planed and edged on one side. The ends are squared and clapboards graded as follows:

1 X Clear: Clear unmarked on exposed section of clapboard.

2 X Clear: Up to one knot or blemish on exposed section of clapboard

Rustic: Clapboards are graded on the rough circular sawn side and are essentially clear.

Sizes: -6" clapboard graded to 4" exposure
----------5 1/2"clapboard graded to 3 1/2"exposure
----------5" clapboard graded to 3"exposure
----------4 1/2"clapboard graded to 2 1/2"exposure

6" 5 1/2" 5" 4 1/2"

Packaging: Clapboards are sorted by length and grade and strapped into bundles. They are then stacked and palletized. The pallets have bundles of boards varying in length from 2' to 6'. The majority of boards will be longer lengths.

Source: www.woodsiding.com

Bead Retreat Midwest Products 4452 Scale Lumber Basswood Clapboard Siding, 24x3x0.0625 Inches, 0.375 Spacing
Art and Craft Supply (Bead Retreat)
  • Architectural scale lumber is perfect for professional and student architectural modeling
  • Carefully machined from selected Basswood
  • Thickness and Spacing, 0.0625 and 0.375 Inch
  • Packaging wraps around both ends of the lumber to maintain its integrity
  • 10 piece package

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BOSTITCH BOSTITCH N66C-1 1-1/4-inch to 2-1/2-inch Coil Siding Nailer with Aluminum Housing
Home Improvement (BOSTITCH)
  • Drives wire weld and plastic inserted coil nails
  • Adjustable depth guide sets nails to desired depths quickly and conveniently
  • Lightweight aluminum design for added durability
  • Soft rubber foot prevents damage to softer woods
  • Tool-free adjustable exhaust conveniently directs exhaust away from the user

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