Reclaimed Barn Siding, Old Barn Wood Siding

Stack of Reclaimed Barn SidingVintage carries a large volume of reclaimed barn siding and reclaimed gray board. Generally barn siding is predominantly white oak with other hardwood species such as red oak mixed in. Barn siding averages 1” thick, 4-8” in width and the lengths 6-10’. The colors include gray, brown and the occasional board with red paint. Our gray board is available in longer lengths to 16’ and in widths ranging from 6-12”. Gray board is 2” thick and can be milled to a 1” dimension retaining one old face.outside of barn wood siding valign="top">

The brown barn board is usually reclaimed from the barn interior and will have a less weathered appearance. Like most vintage wood, barn siding has been air dried over many years and, as a result, is dry and stable.

Reclaimed Barn Siding Sources

Vintage barn siding originates from the exterior wall of the barn, the barn roof system, and from barn wood used to create the interior partitions. Barn siding averages 1” in thickness, 4-8” in width, 6-10’ in length. The surface appearance of reclaimed barn wood usually displays the original circular saw marks and nail holes. If exposed the elements as barn siding, the barn wood will have a gray appearance, while the interior barn boards will be a mellow brown. Barn wood and barn siding is used as the starting point for a number of our Vintage barn wood products including roof decking, barn board wall paneling, and rustic barn board flooring. Get Quote for barn wood siding..


Imagekind Decaying Barn (Giclee Art Print), David Kocherhans
Home (Imagekind)
  • Gorgeous, gallery-quality reproduction using archival 12-color pigmented inks.
  • Heavyweight Art Paper - 10 mil (250gsm). Suitable for framing.
  • Print Dimensions: 23.1 x16
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Reclaimed wood

That's a decent idea, Ive thought about using reclaimed barn wood for siding but didn't know if it would look industrial or just scruffy.
I do have to say I HATE the default siding on these things, as you can see in the picture one part has popped out from high winds and such. I may look into the barn wood idea. At least its better than the mess that's on it.
Thanks for the idea! :)

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Some homes will receive extensive and visible rehabilitation, including the installation of vinyl siding, roofing and windows. Other homes won't have an obvious exterior update but will have new furnaces or flooring put in.

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