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wood shake sidingBelieve it or not, once you decide on wood siding over vinyl, aluminum, fiber cement or various other choices, you still have a few more choices to make. One of the largest choices is the type of wood siding you would like on your home. There are several choices, each with their own benefits as well as look, which is why it is important to know the difference so you can pick the siding that is right for you.

Vertical Wood Siding Choices

Plank – This siding is installed vertically. Each board is installed right up to the board next to it without overlapping. This is a good choice for homeowners that like a fluid, flat look to the exterior of their home. Plank wood siding can also be installed in a tongue and groove pattern as well as channel groove style for a little more texture and style to your home.

Shingles – Similar to the shingles on your roof, wood shingles offer a textured look to the exterior sides of your home. Installed vertically, the wood shingles overlap each other for a textured look. An alternative to wood shingles is wood shakes which are basically the same but they are a bit thicker than shingles and offer more texture and aesthetic appeal.

Horizontal Wood Siding Choices

Clapboard – One of the more common types of wood siding, clapboard is installed horizontally, which each board overlapping the other to give it a rustic look that is similar to that you would see on a farm. Clapboard is a great way to give your modern home a rustic, historical look.

Bevel – This type of siding is also installed horizontally. The difference in bevel siding is that both sides of the wood have different thicknesses. This type of siding is popular because of its ability to shed water, preserving the beauty of your wood siding for a longer period of time.

Horizontal or Vertical

Plywood – Plywood siding is wood veneers that are glued together. This cost efficient choice for wood siding is typically installed vertically for a very uniform, attractive look, but can be installed horizontally as well if you prefer that look for your home.


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Exterior Siding: Which kind to choose?

Have a 900 square foot 1949 era house. Had an antique style textured roof done and weathered brick chimney. Now the siding looks really shabby, large cedar shingles that have been painted over so many times the valleys are filled in on some, others, not...very shabby looking.
I want to have it replaced with smaller cedar shingles but am concerned they would have to be stained all the time.
I am a bit of a neat freak. Also considering wood planks to replace, would simply be painted. As I get older maintenance all the time might be a concern. I would like to complete the effect and have the house look kinda like a beach cottage if that makes sense

Ogdensburg home rehabilitation program gears up for phase two, on schedule  —
Some homes will receive extensive and visible rehabilitation, including the installation of vinyl siding, roofing and windows. Other homes won't have an obvious exterior update but will have new furnaces or flooring put in.

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  • Avatar outbackprophet What router bit would you need to make horizontal wooden siding?
    Apr 23, 2007 by outbackprophet | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)
    • You would be better-off getting a shaper with the head shapes that were recommended. Even with a router table it is hard to control the passage of the wood past the router cutters. The shaper makes it easy and keeps you from ruining a long piece of wood.

  • Avatar User 00101 Must a house have all the same kind of window blinds? Or some vertical, some horizontal?
    Aug 16, 2012 by User 00101 | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I'm thinking of having window blinds installed, the aluminum ones, horizontal, thin. Because some windows slide open, I was thinking of having wide, vertical ones for those windows. To prevent a big mismatch, I was thinking of having all the 1st floor south side with vertical (those rooms don't have other windows) and all other rooms horizontal.

    Is this idea a bad idea?

    Are aluminum blinds out of style?

    • I tend to like to makes sure there is a continuity to the front of the house for curb appeal. At the end of the day you can do what ever you like. As a whole aluminum and verticals are out of style, but if you have a mod …n't beat a 2" faux or real wood blind when it comes to style function and affordability. Most folks will put a vertical blind on sliders and such because they are the most affordable. Good luck!


  • Avatar WillBe Large One Sided In-Wall aquarium?
    May 01, 2007 by WillBe | Posted in Fish

    I am building a new house and want to put a 100gallon tank in an already existing 72”x24”x15” hole/indent in the wall. I am looking for advice and tips in placing the tank.

    I am green when it comes to aqua … etc.. will they all fit in the 4” gap behind the top horizontal flap?
    •Will cleaning it be a problem? The location does not have direct sunlight but it quite well lit.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    • The only problem i can think of is the 4 inch gap. I made a stand for my 55gal with a 40 gallon below it. The gap was about 4" also and it can be a hassle servicing the tank. I had My overhead sump filter for that t …m to fit on in, get two hanging filters. The only problems with this is that it would mean that you would need a gap in the back to put the filter as well as a sufficient gap above it to service it (replace filter, etc).

  • Avatar Inada A good katana style to learn?
    Jan 20, 2013 by Inada | Posted in Martial Arts

    So ive been recently switching from only practicing katana with random swings and tameshigiri to learning official styles and im wondering what are some good ones to learn. Unfortunately there is no master around my town …> @Pugpaws2 and you my friend are judging someone that you have not ever seen with your own eyes and i didnt say it was all limited only in some areas lmao i guess i gotta give you props for not typing in all caps though

    • Sounds like you are learning Enshin-Ryu Iaijutsu, or Iaido.
      And yes, most movements begin from a seated position.
      Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu as it is known in it's full form is much more complex and is one of th …fully find a school to begin some serious training.

      Good luck

      Edit: Kokoro is correct also. I know these are not the answers you maybe want to hear, but it is the stark truth to learning a style

  • Avatar Brad How do I modify the throttle linkage on a 6.5 horizontal shaft motor?
    Apr 18, 2011 by Brad | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

    I have acquired a 6.5hp horizontal shaft gas engine (model #66014) and I want to use it on my go kart since the other motor has finally given up after 15 years. It is basically all the same except for the throttle linkage. It is the type you would find on a wood-splitter and etc with a high and low setting. Now is there a way I can modify this to make it more of a go kart style that is controlled by a gas pedal?

    • It's not too hard to do. I wish I had pics up of it for you but I don't. Last summer my kids and I built 2 karts useing the harbor freight 6.5 HP engines.

      What I did to mod the throttle controll was... engine side case.

      Ran the bike cable to throttle pedal and used a wire/cable stop to hole cable in place on lever and pedal.