LP SmartSide Siding Expands Prefinished Solutions Nationally

LP® Building Products has reinforced the availability of prefinished LP® SmartSide® trim and siding in a new standard color palette as well as unique regional custom colors. To support this initiative, LP announces the new LP Preferred Prefinisher Network. LP SmartSide is the fastest-growing brand of exterior siding in the United States.

“Color plays a primary role for consumer inspiration in selecting exterior siding. Builders and installers have an expectation of prefinish options which may offer easier installation and improved quality of the overall coating and finish. In addition to the readily available primed LP SmartSide products, builders, installers and consumers from coast to coast can now look to the LP Preferred Prefinisher Network to meet the needs of a complete prefinish siding solution, ” said Jennifer Jenkins, LP SmartSide segment marketing manager.

All prefinishers in the network must meet best-in-class standards for quality, including paint, application process, material handling, packaging, storage and shipment.

The benefits of prefinished LP SmartSide siding are:
• Paint applied and cured in a controlled environment can lead to improved quality and consistency
• Most prefinishers will offer color-matched accessories for joints and flashing as well as touchup paint
• Saves time on installation and siding goes up with almost instant curb appeal
• With LP SmartSide lap products that can be blind nailed, touchup is minimal
• Can easily be repainted down the road if desired

The prefinishing companies that are now a part of the LP SmartSide Preferred Prefinisher Network are:
• Cedar Siding Inc.
• Edmund A. Allen Lumber
• Premier Priming
• J.M. Thomas Forest Products
• Northwest Factory Finishes Inc.
• Prefinished Staining Products
• Quality Wood Priming Inc.
• Rocky Mountain Pre-Stain

Source: engineeredwoodonline.com

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--Power wash the siding first to get the majority of the bad spots off. The other benefit is that power washing will expose loose spots in the paint that a scraper will just skip over.
--Scrape/ disc sand the exposed bad spots to remove the bits and pieces of loose material around the edges. Downside of using the grinder is heating up and melting the paint....causing more blistering. Use a light touch.
--Let the house dry for a day to make sure the exposed wood is nice and dry.
--If you want the depression to disappear altogether I suggest Bondo to fill in the divots. When you sand it you can feather it in nicely and your finish product will be much better

Ogdensburg home rehabilitation program gears up for phase two, on schedule  — WatertownDailyTimes.com
Some homes will receive extensive and visible rehabilitation, including the installation of vinyl siding, roofing and windows. Other homes won't have an obvious exterior update but will have new furnaces or flooring put in.

Shur-Line Shur-Line 00750 7-Inch Deck and Fence Pad Painter
Home Improvement (Shur-Line)
  • Rounded edges at both front and rear allows a scrubbing action which is necessary when applying paint/stain to rough surface
  • Ideal for applying exterior stains and paints to rough surfaces such as cedar siding or wood fences
  • Use with all paints and stains
Valspar Valspar/Cabot Part # 01-3000 Clear Solution, Natural ~ 1 Gallon
Lawn & Patio (Valspar)
  • Penetrating oil protection in just one coat/Protects against sun, elements & warping
  • Natural, water-repellent finish for bare wood/For new or reconditioned wood only
  • Use on decks, siding, shingles, trim & log homes
  • Smooth surface coverage: 400-600 sq.ft. per Gal.
  • Rough surface coverage: 150-250 sq.ft. per Gal.
Valspar/Cabot Valspar/Cabot #0806.008 Siding Stain, Solid Color - Acrylic/Neutral - 5 Gallons
Lawn & Patio (Valspar/Cabot)
  • 100% acrylic, one-coat coverage, solid color stain
  • Fade-resistant & water-repellent/Dries to a natural, flat finish
  • Water-based, clean up with soap & water
  • Smooth surface coverage: 300-400 sq.ft. per Gal/Rough surface coverage: 200-300 sq.ft. per Gal

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