Ace Wood Royal Solid Color Latex Deck Stain Review

Is it fair to review or judge a product after using just a couple gallons? No. But when you don't have the opportunity to use a product on a regular basis then the answer is Yes. It would be unfair not to pass any knowledge along to the next user.

Ace Wood Royal Deck Stain

This deck stain is suffering from a serious identity crisis. When ACE Hardware came up with this product they must of been having an off day. It says stain on the can but it smells, feels, and applies like paint. So if you are after a true solid color deck stain look elsewhere. If you are looking for a solid paint that has excellent wear characteristics they keep reading.



The front of the can has these marketing points:
  • Completely Opaque
  • 100% Acrylic Latex
  • Oil Enriched for Superior Adhesion (And its a Latex Product WEIRD)
  • Primer and Stain in One (Really nice Bonus)
  • Great on Siding too!
  • Shows Texture, Hides Grain (Dries down nicely)
  • Superior UV and water resistance
  • Resists peeling, fading and scuffing
  • Mildew Resisacne

So to summarize ACE's Solid deck stain it should sound something like this... "ACE's Wood Royal Solid Color Deck Stain (Item # 1972405) is a completely opaque latex stain impregnated with oil that primes and stains in one coat protects from UV, peeling, fading and is mildew and basically can be applied to any external surface." That sounds pretty good. Wow, what an incredible product. Its a miracle paint... er... ugh... stain.

Some specs on the Back of the Can:

  • Latex Based solid stain with excellent adhesion
  • Coverage 150-400 Sq Ft Rough vs Smooth
  • Self Priming (Although if used on cedar or other bleeding consider using ACE Stain Halt Latex Primer)
  • Apply with ACE polyester nylon brush, appropriate length nap roller (3/8'' length for most surfaces), pad applicator or Sprayer.
  • Dry Time to touch 1-2 hours in normal humidity at 75 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Between Coats 6-8 Hours
  • Light Foot Traffic 24-48 hours
  • Heavy Foot Traffic 72 Hours
  • Clean Up with warm soapy water

It was interesting to note that the application method for spraying gives no indication of a starting point. So do you use an airless sprayer, an HVLP gun, a Wagner Sprayer, or a pump sprayer. To figure this out all it took was a phone call to the local ACE hardware store. The "Paint Expert" as they called him had no idea but since it was a deck stain he suggested a pump sprayer. Well that was foolish thinking since the stain is as thick as an oil paint and there was no way it was ever going to come out of a pump sprayer. The store clerk wasn't much help so we emailed the ACE corporate office. Two days later the office sent us an email saying they received our email. Good to know. Three days later another email instructed to call a 1-800 number. Quite a frustrating experience so any further effort in that direction was abandoned.

This product is not a paint, not really a stain, and not really thick or thin. It lives happily in a paradox. The application method we choose was an airless sprayer with a fine finish tip. One you start applying this product you will start to see that it behaves like an oil when sprayed, yet dries fast like a latex. It also did very well when brushed and rolled and leveled out very nicely. We wish that most exterior house paints went on this well.


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