West Side Story (1961)

Genre: musical

The film follows two rival street gangs in the late summer of 1957 in Manhattan. The Jets, second generation American teenagers, and the Sharks, Puerto Rican immigrants. But problems arise when Tony (Richard Beymer), a co-founder of the Jets, and Maria (Natalie Wood), the sister of the Sharks’ leader, fall in love.


Natalie Wood - Maria
Richard Beymer - Tony
Russ Tamblyn - Riff
George Chakiris - Bernardo
Rita Moreno - Anita
Ned Glass - Doc
Simon Oakland - Schrank
William Bramley - Krupke


- West Side Story is the film adaption of the popular Broadway musical, which opened in 1957.

- The storyline was based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Originally it was intended to be about a Catholic boy who fell in love with a Jewish girl. But after a boom of Puerto Rican immigration to New York in the late 1940s and 1950s, the storyline was changed.

- A lot of the original stage actors were considered too old to play teenagers in the film adaption. Although some did make the cut, they often played different parts. For instance, George Chakiris played Riff on stage, but he played Bernardo in the film.

- A lot of actors and actresses were considered for the two leading roles. The most famous ones being Elvis and Audrey Hepburn. Elvis was advised by his manager to turn it down and Audrey Hepburn had to back out when she got pregnant.

- Rita Moreno, as Anita, was the only actual Puerto Rican among the principal cast members.

- The film initially had two directors: Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise. Robbins directed the musical numbers, but got so over budget and behind schedule, that Wise was asked to complete the film by himself.

- This was Natalie Wood’s first musical and she was excited to sing. But what she did not know was that most of her singing was dubbed by Marni Nixon. She learned this only after the film was completed.

- West Side Story was the first film to feature street gang life and the first musical without a lighthearted and happy storyline.

- The film won ten Oscars, making it the biggest Oscar winning musical of all time.



Best Picture – West Side Story – 1962 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Best Actor in a Supporting Role – George Chakris – 1962 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Best Actress in a Supporting Role – Rita Moreno – 1962 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Best Art Direction – Boris Leven and Victor A. Gangelin – 1962 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Best Cinematography – Daniel L. Fapp – 1962 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Best Costume Design – Irene Sharaff – 1962 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Best Director – Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins – 1962 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Best Film Editing – Thomas Stanford – 1962 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Best Music – Saul Chaplin, Johnny Green a.o – 1962 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Best Sound – Fred Hynes and Gordon Sawyer – 1962 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Best Musical – West Side Story – 1962 Golden Globes
Best Supporting Actor – George Chakris – 1962 Golden Globes
Best Supporting Actress – Rita Moreno – 1962 Golden Globes
Best Soundtrack Album – West Side Story – 1962 Grammy Awards

Source: classichollywoodcentral.com

West Side Story [HD]
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What does bloat gotta do with add

West side story sucks bloat and i have no idea why it's as loved as it seems to be. someone should've told the producers natalie wood's cute but not cute enough to withstand dubbed singing, tan in a can, and that unbelievable accent.
it doesn't get any gayer than WHEN YOU'RE A JET YOU'RE A JET ALL THE WAY FROM YOUR FIRST CIGARETTE TIL YOUR LAST DYIN DAY (please don't ask me why i know the lyrics)

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