The Care and Treatment of Wooden Garden Furniture Home

Different styles of garden and patio furniture require different types of care. Caring for patio furniture, while relatively easy, requires adjustment for a number of variables. Wooden patio furniture requires different types of care depending on climate, type of wood and desired appearance.

Cypress, red cedar, mahogany and teak all provide sturdy, weather-resistant options for patio furniture. These hard woods are all durable and resistant to rot. Each wood boasts unique grains and looks, so owners can choose a favorite look from the very beginning.

These four sturdy woods will weather without finish. The result will be an aged but beautiful silvery gray surface color. This aged appearance results from exposure to the elements and provides a natural weather proofing that protects the integrity of the wood from sun or water damage.

Some owners prefer to maintain a like-new appearance to their outdoor furniture. These individuals should choose a wood finish or stain that protects the furniture from the dangers of their particular climate. Wooden furniture sitting outdoors in a wet climate needs to be protected with a mold-resistant finish. Patio furniture cared for in a particularly hot and sunny climate or subjected to direct sunlight for several hours a day responds best to treatment with a finish that includes UV protection.

Both water-based and oil-based treatments are available for the care of wooden outdoor patio furniture. While owners find water-based treatments easier to apply and clean up after, oil-based treatments provide a more lasting sealant and better weather resistance. Regardless of the chosen method of treatment, furniture left outdoors will need to be treated every couple of years to maintain that like-new look.

Some people like the look of freshly painted outdoor furniture. A good outdoor latex paint will provide pleasant results for starters. High gloss paint is best for wet climates. However, much like wooden siding on a home, the paint will require high maintenance. The decision to paint wooden exterior furniture should be carefully considered before peeling paint discourages family and friends from enjoying the outdoors each spring and summer.

Whether wooden outdoor furniture is unfinished, weather proofed with stains or sealants or painted in cheery colors, it must be cleaned at least yearly. A pressure washer makes cleaning easiest, but wood cleaner and a soft brush will do the job as well.

Once-a-year cleaning is an absolute minimum. Washing wooden patio furniture weekly with water and a mild detergent will wear away built-up grime. Apply with a sturdy rag, and rinse carefully to remove any soap scum or film. Follow this by carefully drying the furniture surface.

Wood furniture crafted from sturdy hard woods does not need to be stored or covered during the winter. Some owners with available storage may wish to store it in a garage or storage shed, but this is not necessary. Covering any outdoor furniture with plastic or vinyl tarps can nurture mold, so avoid this practice.

Any cushions should be cared for following manufacturer’s instructions. While some exposure to the elements can be tolerated by patio chair cushions, owners should bring them in during particularly rough weather as well as store these cushions during the winter.


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SFO vinyl siding source?

I've been looking around for a small quantity (200sq ft) of white vinyl siding. Home Depot "used to sell it", Sears offers a "service", but I just want to buy the stuff. Yellow pages led to various Bay Area places that won't sell it to me unless I'm a licenced contractor. Meanwhile, when back in Massachusetts for the holidays, spotted piles of it in the local Home Depot. What gives? Can't figure this one out. Does anyone know a local source for the home improvement type?


A good repair company can do this it requires a $ 5.00 tool looks like a can opener
best solution.. call diding supplier and ask if they have anyone that specializes in siding repair
second option look in yellow pages reapir compaines and ask if they have repaired vinyl siding and do they have acces toseiding to match your old if any hesitation do not use them
donot be afraid to ask if you can call someone they did the same type of repair should be a quick fix

Ogdensburg home rehabilitation program gears up for phase two, on schedule  —
Some homes will receive extensive and visible rehabilitation, including the installation of vinyl siding, roofing and windows. Other homes won't have an obvious exterior update but will have new furnaces or flooring put in.

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  • Avatar iL How do you prep wood for oil painting with the wood showing through.?
    Oct 28, 2012 by iL | Posted in Painting

    How do you prep wood so you can paint oil paint on it with the wood showing through, how should I prep it so the painting does not rot.

    • Jabba is a little long-winded. Here's the short answer; You can't! The oil paint will hide the wood so there is no way to allow the wood to show through your painting.

  • Avatar Andy Inexpensive wood treatment for backyard fence?
    Nov 11, 2006 by Andy | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    I have a fence which will turn gray in a few months and age with water damage, unless I treat it, but there are a few complications. Having just purchased this new house, money is an issue; the treatment needs to be ine … to treat the rest of their fences the same way for the fence to look the same in their yards; that requires them to get agreement from their neighbors, and the cycle repeats ad inifinitum through the entire subdivision.

    • Why are you opposed to allowing the wood to develop its own patina?
      Should it become necessary to replace a board in the future, it will never match the wood you have treated.