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Regal is Central Virginia’s exclusive dealer of the Mastic XL55 vinyl siding – the longest, thickest, strongest and most architecturally correct vinyl siding on the market today. Regal’s 60+ history of quality and integrity earned the company Mastic’s exclusive XL55 certification for Richmond, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, Williamsburg and indeed all of central Virginia.

Manufactured at Mastic’s facility in Stuarts Draft, Virginia, the XL55 Siding is specifically designed for homes such as those in Virginia that are continually subjected to both hot and cold temperature extremes. Weather extremes cause vinyl products to expand and contract, which over time leads to unsightly buckling and bowing of the product. The extreme thickness and unparalleled length of XL55 vinyl siding prevents the detrimental effects of weather-related expansion and contraction – which means your home stays protected and looking beautiful for years to come.

Price Match Guarantee

Price Match Guarantee

We are so confident our vinyl siding prices can’t be beat, we guarantee it! If you receive a lower-priced written offer from a competitor on an equal-quality vinyl siding, simply let us know and we will match the price. No gimmicks, no coupons – just fair prices, quality products and superior service. Guaranteed. Contact us below to get a free estimate for vinyl siding for your home.


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So you don't want vinyl sideing you want vinyl

Trim. The problem is that many of the trim products are designed to be used with siding. For instance the window flashing has nailing tabs for attaching to the wall, the siding goes over that to hide the nails. You wouldn't just install that stuff on a brick house. You could cut down composite decking materials to replace rotted wood trim or use a cement board like James Hardie siding.

Advice - Replacement windows

So here is my info on replacement windows.
First decide on wood, vinyl, or fiberglass. Aluminum is not even worth mentioning - avaoid it at all costs. It swells, sweats, freezes, pits, rusts, and loses over 1400 BTU's per hour as opposed to wood at 1.2 and vinyl at 1.3.
Wood brackets you into certain company's mainly General Contractors unless you want to go high end price with Marvin. Anderson and Harvey Majesty is what most go with. Although both of those options have replacement styles as opposed to "new Construction" the costs are much different, and the warranties are not as good as vinyl

Ogdensburg home rehabilitation program gears up for phase two, on schedule  —
Some homes will receive extensive and visible rehabilitation, including the installation of vinyl siding, roofing and windows. Other homes won't have an obvious exterior update but will have new furnaces or flooring put in.

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  • Avatar Sam R How much does siding cost?
    Mar 03, 2011 by Sam R | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    Sooo my parents and i just moved into an old house but it was unfortunately updated with vinyl siding, they are considering replacing it with real wood and are wondering about how much it would cost
    the house is just a little over 5,100 square feet and is located in the Berkshires if that matters at all

    • Siding cost on a 5,100 square foot home (that's over 2.5 times larger than the national average home size) SHORT ANSWER: $25k to $35k Installed (materials and labor) - that's the National Industry Average cost for siding …ou are very smart for asking questions! Do your research & ask lots of questions and your parents could end up saving a ton of money... I'm sure you could come up with something much better to spend that money on. :)

  • Avatar Kristi How do I estimate the amount of wood needed for a 32' x 24' shed/carport?
    Jan 26, 2014 by Kristi | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    I have been searching the web trying to find a material calculator, but can't find anything. Basically, we are planning on building a 12' x 24' shed with a carport attached to the front side. The carport would be 20' x 24'. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • One thing you can do is go to a store like 84 Lumber, Carter Lumber, or Menards (if you have any of those in your area) and pick out one of their "pre packaged" plans. I can pretty much guarantee you they would …re having it delivered because they will deliver some pieces of lumber that are junk and you will have to return. Its easier to return a couple pieces rather than get toward the end of something and need one or two more.