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How We Estimate Your Roofing & Siding Online

  • With our special software we can preview and measure your home Online.
  • We then send you a detailed proposal with your estimate and information on how we handle the siding process.
  • Fast - Easy and No Pressure.
  • Arial photographs of your home, along with our measuring software allows us to accurately price your vinyl siding.
After you fill out the form I will measure your home online and send you a very detailed proposal with your price and Information about Vinyl Siding Instalation or Information about Installing New Roofing . You will learn everything you need to know before you make your purchase.

This insures that you will be informed before you make this important decision, it will also help you when getting other estimates from my competitors, so you don't' wast time with high pressure companies.

How Much Does Vinyl Siding Cost ?

How Vinyl Siding Companies Estimate There Jobs:
A square is a term used by Vinyl Siding Companies to price vinyl siding. One square represents 100 square feet of wall coverage on a structure. So a 10x10 area of your exterior wall is one square.
What Vinyl Siding Per Square Price Should Include:
  • All the necessary siding material.
  • Preparation of wall surface including replacing any rotted wood.
  • Necessary labor to install the vinyl siding.
  • Insulation under lament under the siding.
  • Trim for windows, overhangs, fascia and overhangs.
  • Up to six pairs of shutters, light blocks, dryer vents and faucet block accessories.
  • Seamless aluminum gutters and down spouts.

Extra cost will be incurred for stripping of existing siding, specialty siding such as premium colors or vinyl shakes or ornate accessories such as window mantels and other details.
Tools needed to measure Vinyl Siding: tape measure, calculator, paper & pencil Special considerations: You are just trying to get an idea of how much your siding will cost. So, you don't have to be exact with your measurements. By all means measure in Feet and round your measurements.

Example: 21 feet 8 inches could be 21 feet or 21.5 feet Keep it simple.

The First thing to do is walk around your house with a tape measure and note pad and get the width and height of all the walls you can. If you have an overhang add a foot.
Multiply your widths and heights together to get your total square feet and that's the number of squares you have. That's really all there is to it.

Siding prices are: For Top grade Vinyl Siding the cost should between $6.00 - $7.00 per sq. foot. which includes all the details listed above including 1/2'' insulation under the Vinyl Siding and PVC aluminum for the trim.
For low to medium grade the cost will be between $4.50 - $6.00 per sq foot depending on whether or not you need gutters and the type of trim or thickness of insulation you choose.

Last step, multiply the figure you came up with times the siding cost per square foot.
Example: $6.50 * 2300 = $14, 950.00 Now you have a good ball park estimate of what your siding will cost.
Fill out the form to the right for a detailed estimate of your home.
Be sure to check out ourPage and our to learn more about us and how we do things.


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Siding question

I own a condo and the association is debating installing vinyl siding over the exsisting cedar clapboard siding. At the meeting I questioned the problem of the existing sidng curling and or lifting as it has been doing in the past. It seems to me this could be a real problem in the future. We are talking about a $260,000 project here. The company that would be doing the install insured me that the extra nailing holding the vinyl would avoid this problem. I have my doubts. I think they will say anything to land a job of this size, but 5 or 6 years from now when the siding starts falling off what will they have to say

Sell it!

Vinyl siding does't store well. It picks up dirt and dust very quickly and may not match with the siding you use for your house. Btw, you might want to consider another type of siding. I've noticed on many remodeling jobs that vinyl siding lets a great deal of water enter behind it that rots the sheathing. Even when its not leaking, the laps, at the bottom edge of the of the "clapboard", hold water and cause mold and mildew to grow, even if installed over a drainage plain. It is quick and cheap though!

Ogdensburg home rehabilitation program gears up for phase two, on schedule  —
Some homes will receive extensive and visible rehabilitation, including the installation of vinyl siding, roofing and windows. Other homes won't have an obvious exterior update but will have new furnaces or flooring put in.

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