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Wood Lap Siding (Pine or Cedar)

  1. Lap siding, or "shiplap" siding, is typically siding that is made from either pine or cedar. If you are painting previously painted lap siding, remove any loose or peeling paint by scraping and feather-sanding the edges of the peeled area.
  2. Caulk any gaps between boards and any holes or large cracks to prevent moisture migration into the wood, which can cause further peeling.
  3. Spot prime any bare wood areas with a top-quality, 100% acrylic latex primer or oil primer.
  4. Paint the entire surface with a premium-quality, 100% acrylic latex house paint such as Valspar® Duramax®, Valspar® Aspire™ or Valspar Medallion®

Vinyl Siding

  1. With today's acrylic paint technology, vinyl surfaces can be painted to produce the desirable end results you are looking for. The key to painting vinyl is to start with a clean surface and then be sure to apply a top-quality, 100% acrylic house paint. Acrylic paints offer the very best in terms of coating adhesion.
  2. Note about color choice: It is a general rule of thumb to never paint vinyl siding any darker than its original color, because significantly darker colors will absorb more radiant energy from the sun and may cause the vinyl to warp.

Hardboard Siding

  1. Hardboard siding is not a common choice for today's homeowners and builders, but there remain hundreds of thousands of homes in existence that were constructed with this material.
  2. Hardboard is essentially composed of thousands of tiny fragments of wood compressed and glued together between two paper surfaces.
  3. Typically, this siding came in lengths in excess of 12 feet and in widths of up to 18 inches. It was installed in the lap siding fashion.
  4. Hardboard siding was notorious for "bleed-through, " due to tannins and adhesives present in the material that would migrate through and discolor a latex paint.
  5. Accordingly, it is recommended that an oil based or 100% acrylic latex primer be used on this type of surface prior to repainting with a 100% acrylic latex paint.
  6. New hardboard should also be primed and painted in the same fashion.

Fiber-Cement Board Siding

  1. Fiber-cement board, offered by various manufacturers, has become popular in some parts of the country as a siding alternative.
  2. New board should be cleaned of dirt or other residue before priming with an acrylic latex exterior primer.
  3. As a final top coat, apply a premium-quality, 100% acrylic latex house paint of the desired finish.


Anvil Paints Anvil Aqua Seal Waterproofer Bonding Primer Acrylic Clear Penetrating Sealer 1 Gallon
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  • Waterproofs and seals vertical surfaces. Mold & mildew resistance.
  • Binds and preps chalky surfaces prior to painting.
  • Easy to apply and is soap and water clean-up. 50 state VOC compliant.
  • Rejuvenates old brick and plaster.
  • Seal brick, stucco and concrete. Brighten aluminum siding.

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Paint or vinyl siding?

I called a guy for an estimate for exterior painting. I have a colonial single family house. He said that some wood shingles are not in great condition. The paint won't last or it has to repainted in a few years. Anyway, the estimate is about $2500 (scrap, sand, wash, prime and 2 coats of paint). Then he recommended the vinyl siding. It would cost about $9K and last longer (or maintenance free). Is he selling me something that I didn't want? I would imagine a prep work and a good quality paint will last 10+ years. What do you think?

Ballpark price for exterior paint?

I need to make a decision pronto on painting vs. vinyl siding so I can get some insulation blown in.
I need a ballpark estimate on a straightforward exterior paint job for an average sized 2 story colonial (840 sq. ft. foundation). One color with black windows, a few shutters, and basic black trim.
I'm not looking for anything precise, just want to know if this is like a 5K thing or a 10K thing or what.

Ogdensburg home rehabilitation program gears up for phase two, on schedule  —
Some homes will receive extensive and visible rehabilitation, including the installation of vinyl siding, roofing and windows. Other homes won't have an obvious exterior update but will have new furnaces or flooring put in.

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  • Avatar greatdeals_007 I need help selecting the right color for the outside of my home?
    Aug 13, 2008 by greatdeals_007 | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I am looking for help selecting the right color combination for the exterior of my home. I want it to look modern contemporary like you would find with any new home development. on the light side like a yellow/olive/beige kind of color.

    anyone have any thoughts? I like the color schemes for the brand new homes.

    • Ok first of all the rule of thumb no more than three colors on the house.
      I redid everthing you can think of about 3 years on the outside of my house. I too liked the colors of the newer houses and some of the not …that. Good Luck with it. Oh, and make sure what ever color your going to pick you really like because not many of us can re-do the house once its done. It's suppose to last your lifetime, so yeah better be happy with it!