Compass Vinyl Siding by Georgia Pacific, Henry Poor Lumber

Compass siding home 300x275 NEW! Compass Vinyl Siding by Georgia Pacific

NEW! Compass Vinyl Siding by Georgia Pacific

Compass is Georgia Pacific’s new line of vinyl siding. It allows for unique style combinations, is engineered for outstanding performance, and comes in a variety of color options.

Vinyl siding never needs to be stained or painted, holds up to the weather and is resistant to pests and moisture. This means no painting, scraping or replacing boards.

Most Popular Lap Styles

Compass is available in the most popular lap styles and can help you create your own unique style statement by using it alone or accenting it with Board & Batten, Cedar Spectrum Shingles, or Hand-split Siding.

It also has new features that include ….

• 5/8″ panel projection for a more realistic shadow line

• Grip Tight™ locking system, coupled with a sturdy .044″ panel thickness and double thickness nail hem that delivers a 222 mph wind load

• Double thickness bottom lock provides greater strength and reinforcement at a critical point in the locking system

• Two versatile profiles: Double 4” Traditional Lap and Double 4.5” Dutch Lap

• Luran®S ASA resin used to protect select dark colors adds extra UV protection

• Color-through technology minimizes the appearance of scratches

Attractive and Durable

Compass ‘s Natural Elements Collection of colors offers 24 choices that allow for greater design flexibility. These unique design features also battle the toughest weather conditions in all climates. Georgia Pacific Vinyl is backed by a limited lifetime transferrable warranty.

To find out more about this versatile and attractive line of vinyl siding, give us a call at 765-474-1388, or send us an


Texture Plus Texture Plus Indoor/Outdoor Siding Panel, Beadboard, Oak - Sample
Home Improvement (Texture Plus)
  • Size of sample: 6-Inch tall by 7-Inch wide
  • Weight: less than 1-Pound each
  • Exterior use: weather proof, UV stable. Interior use: highly durable, provides good R value (5)
  • Works well in all climates. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Insulates and soundproofs. Impervious to insect attack. Impervious to moisture. UV-protected. Outlasts...

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Too many variables

It's hard to tell you without knowing specifics about your home. There are companies out there that can do a drill and fill in your home. They drill small holes in the wall, usually from the exterior, blow insulation in, and plug the hole. I don't know if you have wood siding or vinyl, that will make a difference on this option.
I'm assuming this is an old house that doesn't have much for insulation, if any, in the walls. However, if it's relatively new and has been insulated somewhat, you might get away with sealing electrical boxes and other holes with spray foam. You can kind of stick the tube back in the box through the hole where the wire comes in and spray a little back there

Ogdensburg home rehabilitation program gears up for phase two, on schedule  —
Some homes will receive extensive and visible rehabilitation, including the installation of vinyl siding, roofing and windows. Other homes won't have an obvious exterior update but will have new furnaces or flooring put in.

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  • Avatar greatdeals_007 I need help selecting the right color for the outside of my home?
    Aug 13, 2008 by greatdeals_007 | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I am looking for help selecting the right color combination for the exterior of my home. I want it to look modern contemporary like you would find with any new home development. on the light side like a yellow/olive/beige kind of color.

    anyone have any thoughts? I like the color schemes for the brand new homes.

    • Ok first of all the rule of thumb no more than three colors on the house.
      I redid everthing you can think of about 3 years on the outside of my house. I too liked the colors of the newer houses and some of the not …that. Good Luck with it. Oh, and make sure what ever color your going to pick you really like because not many of us can re-do the house once its done. It's suppose to last your lifetime, so yeah better be happy with it!