Funky Exterior Color Combinations

Blue houses are more traditional and yellow are more quaint. White houses stand out and brown ones can get lost in the shuffle. The key to major curbside appeal is in the combinations of colors, from the shutters to the siding. Today, we’re filling you up with lots of exterior inspiration in the form of funky, fun color pairs. Lets’ take a look!

1. Purple and Yellow.

Purple and yellow works wonders inside the house, in all shades. So, why not use it outside too? It’s funky, it’s fresh and looks amazing on homes with a Victorian, old-age spirit.

2. White and Pink.

The pink alone makes this a funky color combination. With a small cottage house, you can make any super feminine shade work, including a shade of bright blush!

3. Green and Charcoal.

A minty hue with a touch dark and mysterious charcoal looks amazing on large homes. Whether it’s a modern built or an New England, vintage-inspired house, this combination is striking.

4.Yellow and Blue.

With the right shades, yellow and blue can emit a funky and trendy style. Both colors are quite traditional on exteriors, but paired together, it’s quite both.

5. Orange and Purple.

It has a tropical vibe and a youthful spirit. If your home is small with a delicate touch, this pairing may give it the bit of edge you’re looking for.

6. Pink and Black.

My favorite of the bunch, pink and black homes know how to make a scene, in a good way. It’s another pairing that works with any style building, from Victorian to modern and crisp.

7. Purple and Green.

Fashionable, it’s not the best combination. But, if you want something different and unique on a home that already has lots of character, then go for it!


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Too many variables

It's hard to tell you without knowing specifics about your home. There are companies out there that can do a drill and fill in your home. They drill small holes in the wall, usually from the exterior, blow insulation in, and plug the hole. I don't know if you have wood siding or vinyl, that will make a difference on this option.
I'm assuming this is an old house that doesn't have much for insulation, if any, in the walls. However, if it's relatively new and has been insulated somewhat, you might get away with sealing electrical boxes and other holes with spray foam. You can kind of stick the tube back in the box through the hole where the wire comes in and spray a little back there

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  • Avatar greatdeals_007 I need help selecting the right color for the outside of my home?
    Aug 13, 2008 by greatdeals_007 | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I am looking for help selecting the right color combination for the exterior of my home. I want it to look modern contemporary like you would find with any new home development. on the light side like a yellow/olive/beige kind of color.

    anyone have any thoughts? I like the color schemes for the brand new homes.

    • Ok first of all the rule of thumb no more than three colors on the house.
      I redid everthing you can think of about 3 years on the outside of my house. I too liked the colors of the newer houses and some of the not …that. Good Luck with it. Oh, and make sure what ever color your going to pick you really like because not many of us can re-do the house once its done. It's suppose to last your lifetime, so yeah better be happy with it!

  • Avatar BLUE-EYEZ What color should we side our house?
    Jun 27, 2009 by BLUE-EYEZ | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    It is an 1970s bungalow, we have decided to replace the vinyl siding and we are having trouble deciding on the color of the eavestrough, and capping around the windows and doors. The color we have decided on for the exterior is " clay ".

    • White.