Tricks for installing wood siding

Simple Hints & Tricks for Wood Siding

How to Install Wood Cedar

If your home has wood siding, chances are that at some point you will need to repair or even replace damaged areas of your wood siding. To keep the outside of your home looking its best, here are some simple hints and tricks in repairing and replacing the damaged areas.

Look for trouble areas in your wood siding

Take a stroll around the perimeter or your home periodically through the year to target any pockets of rotted wood in the siding. To examine the troubled area, take a screwdriver and insert it into the rotted area to determine the depth of the decay. When you find how serious the damage has become, you can then make any necessary repairs before small problems become larger problems, and this will save you time and extra money expenses.

Help with minimizing the rot in your wood siding

To help with minimizing the wood rot around your home, make sure when you plant new shrubs and plants, that you plant them at least eighteen inches from your home. Make sure that you trim them frequently so that they do not touch the siding. This will keep the wood siding lasting longer and staying beautiful longer. A tip to remember, if more than twenty five percent of the siding on the wall needs to be replaced, it will be easier and cheaper to just go ahead and do the entire wall.

Cracked wood siding

If you spot a crack in the wood siding of your home, a shot of waterproof glue will most likely be enough to repair and mend split or cracked areas of the wood siding. You will want to gently lever the crack open with a putty knife, then squeeze in the glue. Next nail or you could temporarily tape the wood on both sides of the crack.

Repairing horizontal cracks in your wood siding

When you need to fix a horizontal crack, you can apply glue, and then tack several small finishing nails into the wood at an angle under the wood siding piece along the length of the repair. Next you need to bend them up to hold the wood pieces together while the glue dries and sets. Next remove them when it has thoroughly dried.

Go with the grain of your wood siding

After you have filled the holes and cracks in the wood siding with exterior wood putty, you will want to duplicate the look of the wood grain by lightly raking the repaired area with a wire brush or you could use the tip of a putty knife to get the desired look.

Repair a popped nail in your wood siding

If there is a popped nail in the wood siding and it doesn't hold when hammered, the sheathing behind the wood siding could be rotten or it may be infested with insects. You will need to correct the underlying problem before you will be able to repair the wood siding.

Extra Tip

It's best to use narrow shingles when replacing the wood near the corner or window casing of your home. The most common problem when using wide shingles is that they tend to shrink too much, leaving gaps in the wood.

Try some of these simple hints and tricks next time you need to repair or replace the wood siding of your home.


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Ever put plastic pretend siding on my house. And I have installed acres and acres of vinyl siding on other peoples houses. Hell I pretty much invented proper vinyl installation techniques. And they paid for my house over and over. Vinyl Sucks. but if you want the master to hang it send me a check and Maybe I can help you out in a year or two.

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