Roofing and Vinyl Siding Installation in Maine

Roofing and Vinyl Siding Installation in Maine | Affordable RoofingAffordable Roofing is proud to be so highly recommended for roofing and vinyl siding installation in Maine. We have worked hard to maintain and grow our reputation throughout the state as one of the best roofing companies around. At the same time, there are some basic principles we follow that help make our job easy.

We understand that your home is one of the most expensive investments you will ever own. We treat your home as if it were our own. That means that we use only quality products and materials—materials we can stand behind. We also hire only the most skilled and reliable installation technicians and contractors so that we know the job is going to be done right the first time.

Services that Affordable Roofing offers in Maine include:

Whether you are building a new home and need vinyl siding installed or you need vinyl siding installation on an older home, we can help. We also provide roofs for new construction, roof replacement, and roofing repairs. We have been working with clients in Portland Maine and the surrounding area for years to deliver the best services at the best possible prices without ever sacrificing quality or cutting corners.

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Before starting a job, we will have qualified vinyl siding installers or roofing contractors sit down with you. They will inspect your home and the roof or siding (or both) and verify what work needs to be done and what materials are needed. From there, they will go over your options with you and determine the best course of action.

We service a number of areas around Portland, Maine and the rest of the state including:

  • Scarborough, ME
  • Old Orchard Beach, ME
  • Kennebunk, ME
  • Wells, ME
  • Sanford, ME
  • Westbrook, ME
  • Hollis, ME
  • & More

Before you settle on working with anybody for vinyl siding repairs or installation or a new roof or roofing repairs, you owe it to yourself to check out what Affordable Roofing has to offer. We give you a written estimate with detailed timelines and prices. Better yet, we stick to that quote. We make sure that you know what is happening every step along the way by keeping open lines of communication.


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It IS high

You could do it yourself in one day. If you're not familiar with siding, it might take you a little while to figure it out... basically just miter out some j-channel, nail, and caulk it. Aluminum is harder (bends and must be carefully cut)...
Spend a couple of hours reading internet forums on door installation and you'll be a pro in no time.
have fun


Depends on how many windows you have, type of windows, type of installation...etc., etc.. Estimates are free, call three window companies and get some quotes. As a side note, nowadays, upgrading to dual pane is an almost given. If you were selling your house, it would count against it if you had single pane windows. For ballpark figure.........average single story, stucco, house, built in 60-70s, would cost roughly 3500-6000.00. Total guesstimate. You can measure your windows yourself and get prices for the units themselves, then get an idea on what companies are getting for labor. You also need to figure out if you want retrofits, or new construction windows, where they either cut the stucco or remove your siding

Ogdensburg home rehabilitation program gears up for phase two, on schedule  —
Some homes will receive extensive and visible rehabilitation, including the installation of vinyl siding, roofing and windows. Other homes won't have an obvious exterior update but will have new furnaces or flooring put in.

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