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mitten2 Mitten Vinyl Siding OptionsRemodeling your home for restoration can make it look and feel as though you bought a brand new home. Home improvements can be costly. It is important to do research and plan each step to keep your costs low and still provide the look and performance you are after. Start your projects slowly by making exterior changes, such as vinyl siding, which can make a world of difference.

Because vinyl siding is so versatile and affordable, it is the most used type of siding in America. Vinyl siding is also available in a multitude of colors and styles, giving you control and flexibility to choose what you want for your home.

Performance Is Critical

Just as important as durability and good looks in vinyl siding is how the material performs over time and its ability to free homeowners from maintenance. Maintenance is a key issue for homeowners, and there’s nothing that will change that. Families today are busy with other activities, but want a good-looking home and don’t want to have to worry about painting, caulking, or other upkeep issues.

Color, style and maintenance aren’t the only concerns for vinyl siding. The framing in new construction often is not precise, and settling occurs on remodeling projects, which can keep the siding from being installed exactly. The newest products, including foam backing, which can cover a variety of substrates, provide more structural stability, so the panels can be placed over uneven facing without a problem.

Mitten Foam Back Cladding

Mitten, Inc. produces numerous collections of specialty and traditional vinyl siding along with accessories and trim for the exterior of a home. The foam back cladding lines from Mitten are InsulPlank and Frontier. Because of the weather resistant design of these lines of vinyl siding, the thermal foam backer will increase the insulation value while saving energy at the same time. For the high performance line of vinyl siding, durability and style play a major part and feature a Southern Beaded look and the historic architecture of the Board & Batten vertical placement. The brand also includes a Triple Three Profile, Grand Scallops or Shakes, and the longer panels of the North Country 50 collection.

Mitten Traditional Vinyl Siding

Mitten’s traditional vinyl siding lines, Cambridge and Oregon Pride, feature a low gloss color-rich finish and realistic wood texture. Premium collections protect the exterior and are manufactured to stand out from nearby houses. With the Procanna Series, bold colors are meant to make a statement, and the Sentry collection has a contoured locking system and distinctive silhouette. Cedar grain textures plus four profiles comprise the ACT (Advanced Color Technology) line that reduces the maintenance level.


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Switch to vinyl

Get some day laborers to install it. Can do your whole house for a couple grand counting their labor. It'll increase your property value too. My house had wood shingles/siding whatever on the front of the house(painted) and some other wood siding on the side that was painted as well all crappy looking. Changed it up and property value sky rocketed. The appraisals were only months apart.

Vinyl over existing siding?

I'm in the process of getting estimates for vinyl siding my house. I currently have aluminum which has been installed over the original wood shingles. So far it's split down the middle between contractors who want to strip everything including the original shingles, and those who want to strip just the aluminum and install over the original with insulation in between. Obviously the estimates to strip everything come in higher due to the extra labor and disposal.
My gut tells me it's the right thing to do to strip everything off, but does it really matter if the original sidi

Ogdensburg home rehabilitation program gears up for phase two, on schedule  —
Some homes will receive extensive and visible rehabilitation, including the installation of vinyl siding, roofing and windows. Other homes won't have an obvious exterior update but will have new furnaces or flooring put in.

Malco Malco FCG2 1-1/4 Inch Overlap 5/16-Inch Thickness Fiber Cement Siding Gauge, 2-Pack
Home Improvement (Malco)
  • Allows 1-person installation of siding planks
  • Two gauges support the entire length of plank and precisely gauge a standard 1-1/4-Inch overlap - even on a bowed wall
  • No adjustments to vary and nothing to mark
  • Works on old or new 5/16-Inch fiber cement siding plank
  • Will not mar finish of pre-painted siding
  • Made in the USA
SoloSider LLC SoloSider Siding Tools For 5/16 Fiber Cement Siding And 3/8 LP Smartside, Fully Adjustable Siding Gauges
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  • For help on this tool please call 541-247-8306 or visit solosider at youtube to see the video.
  • Adjust siding up or down in 1/16 increments while on the SoloSiders
  • Easily dial out any accumulated error caused by off size boards
  • Unlike our competition, these tools will not break when dropped from any height.
  • Will do a reveal as small as 3-1/2 inches using the correct size plank.

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