How to install vinyl siding for beginners and do it yourselfers

vinyl siding

How to install vinyl siding

I get many questions on how to install vinyl siding from many website visitors. It's really fun to work with vinyl siding. It's very popular for new construction. You can easily do your own house siding without the help of siding contractors. Even beginners can make their homes look really nice because the vinyl fits together easily and all imperfections are covered up.

I have worked with a few types of vinyl siding and I like most of them. My favorite is "Heartland Siding". Man, that stuff is durable, it looks great and keeps its color, and it's a dream to work with.

I think it's called "HeartTech" Siding now. I have no affiliation to the company that makes this stuff, I just really like the siding products.vinyl siding example ons, I absolutely love the stuff.

Vinyl siding is also a dream to maintain and

I will go over a few of the aspects of siding installation.

First, we need to know why we should choose vinyl siding.

Second, we need to understand the rules for installing vinyl, because of the expansion and contraction with varying temperatures.Third, we'll get started by measuring and prepping the walls for vinyl.

vinyl windowFourth, we need to apply all the eaves and soffit which are made of metal, but really easy to put on.

Fifth, we'll put on the vinyl corners and the flashing and trim around doors and windows.

Sixth, we'll start nailing the vinyl panels in place.

And last, there are only a few vinyl siding tools needed to do all the vinyl and trim work and all these tools are inexpensive.

The picture above shows how all the siding components fit together. I will cover each aspect of siding installation.

j channelVinyl Siding is a lot cheaper than you probably think it is. When an older home is resided with vinyl the difference is usually dramatic. Naturally, you would think that something that makes such a difference would be costly. Not only that, but us do-it-yourselfers don't have to pay for labor, so it's really inexpensive.
Anyone can learn how to install vinyl siding and there definitely should be more people learning how, especially when you find out how much you can save by doing it yourself.

As in most things we deal with in home construction, vinyl siding costs less than one-third the total installation price. All the rest comes from contracted labor.

I just recently had some friends who asked for bids to install vinyl siding on their 2, 000 sq. ft. home. I knew that the vinyl and accessories would cost maybe $2, 000 maximum. The bid they received was for $7200. The siding contractor could have the whole project finished in about three days. It would look fantastic, and he would pocket $5, 000 for three days work.


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How To Install Vinyl Siding, NJ …
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Vinyl siding instalation
Vinyl siding instalation

Switch to vinyl

Get some day laborers to install it. Can do your whole house for a couple grand counting their labor. It'll increase your property value too. My house had wood shingles/siding whatever on the front of the house(painted) and some other wood siding on the side that was painted as well all crappy looking. Changed it up and property value sky rocketed. The appraisals were only months apart.

Vinyl over existing siding?

I'm in the process of getting estimates for vinyl siding my house. I currently have aluminum which has been installed over the original wood shingles. So far it's split down the middle between contractors who want to strip everything including the original shingles, and those who want to strip just the aluminum and install over the original with insulation in between. Obviously the estimates to strip everything come in higher due to the extra labor and disposal.
My gut tells me it's the right thing to do to strip everything off, but does it really matter if the original sidi

Ogdensburg home rehabilitation program gears up for phase two, on schedule  —
Some homes will receive extensive and visible rehabilitation, including the installation of vinyl siding, roofing and windows. Other homes won't have an obvious exterior update but will have new furnaces or flooring put in.

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