Installing wood siding vapor barrier

When Installing Wood Siding Should I Use Vapor Barrier or Tyvek?

Crawl space vapor barrier

Generally, vapor barriers are installed during the home’s construction. You should use a vapor barrier in order to keep moisture from passing from the inside of your home through the walls. The condensation can eventually cause damage to the insulation and compromise the wood studs. Vapor barriers are usually placed on the interior, or the warm side, of a wall system.

Typically, the vapor barrier is used between living areas where the temperature is controlled and areas that are not climate-controlled. Again, if moisture permeates the wall, it may cause the formation of mold and mildew, or even structural damage.

A good rule to follow is to install a vapor barrier on walls where there is concern about moisture and where warm air will meet cold air, such as an exterior wall. Install the vapor barrier behind the drywall, but before any insulation. A vapor barrier should not be used in warm climates.

Traditional vapor barrier is made of clear or black polyethylene sheeting. It is available in thicknesses of 2 mil, 4 mil or 6mil. The best vapor barrier product is a high-performance high density polyethylene vapor retarder.


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Prices can vary depending on circumstances

1) install 2 ext doors - Are you replacing existing doors or cutting in new door openings as well ? Prehung or not ? Type of siding , brick , stucco , wood , etc . It all affects pricing . If you are replacing existing doors with prehung doors $300-$400 per door
2)install 2 locksets-included with installation of doors
3)install 2 storm doors -$100-$150 per door
4)install 2 exterior lights- Again depends if you are replacing existing lights or installing lights, switches in new locations . If you are just replacing existing lights $50-$75 per light

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