Natural Brick and Stone siding: Pros and Cons, types, Colors

Stone-brick designVinyl siding, wood and fiber cement siding all offer an efficient and attractive finish for the exterior of your home. Compared to these popular siding styles heavy-duty siding options are more expensive and less simple to install. Many wonder why builders and homeowners choose to invest in heavy-duty siding options like natural stone, brick and acrylic coating. But these types of exterior siding offer a host of benefits that add value to your home and lifestyle.

Unique Types of Exterior Siding

Most suburban homes today are sided with a combination of vinyl siding and brick. Aggregate stucco and wood siding may be used in certain climates, and fiber cement siding is gaining popularity as well. But your options do not end there.

stonesMasonry siding options include clay brick (the most commonly seen style), concrete brick, mortarless stone and natural stone. All of these siding styles are heavy and require extensive work to install. Unless you have the specialized skills to install them yourself, hiring a professional mason or bricklayer to handle masonry siding is wise.

Benefits of Concrete Brick Siding

Concrete bricks are formed out of concrete, a more widely available material. As a result, this type of brick is less expensive and continues to deliver all of the same benefits as clay. Concrete brick products provide a better resistance to water and wear from rain, sleet and snow.

brick siding 2Modern technology and manufacturing provide concrete bricks in a vast array of colors, sizes and styles. Unit costs are lower than other styles of stone or brick, and installation charges should be nearly identical.

Benefits of Clay(Brick Siding)

Clay bricks have been used for centuries, from ancient times right up to today’s modern house construction. This finish consists of uniform shapes that fit together in an interlocking pattern and are secured with mortar. You can opt for smooth bricks or textured styles; both are available in a wide range of colors and sizes.

Bricks and stone provide an excellent sound barrier, making the interior of your home more peaceful. The thicker profile also helps to add extra insulation against cold temperatures and wind. You’ll find that heating and cooling bills tend to be more affordable for a brick house, compared to a similar building finished in vinyl or wood siding.

Benefits of Natural Stone Siding

Natural stone siding has also been used for centuries to create an attractive, durable façade. Stone stands the test of time, and many century homes and historical buildings were finished in natural stone that looks as good today as it did hundreds of years ago.

brick siding stone_exterior_ stone siding mortar less siding


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Prices can vary depending on circumstances

1) install 2 ext doors - Are you replacing existing doors or cutting in new door openings as well ? Prehung or not ? Type of siding , brick , stucco , wood , etc . It all affects pricing . If you are replacing existing doors with prehung doors $300-$400 per door
2)install 2 locksets-included with installation of doors
3)install 2 storm doors -$100-$150 per door
4)install 2 exterior lights- Again depends if you are replacing existing lights or installing lights, switches in new locations . If you are just replacing existing lights $50-$75 per light

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  • Avatar Frankie-J Vinyl siding questions buying and installing questions.?
    Feb 12, 2010 by Frankie-J | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    Ive got my garage up and it's time to start on the siding. Looking on craigslist I found a guy selling 8 "square" of dutch lap vinyl siding in the color I need for a good price. It only includes the siding it's self. …ing new and overstock?

    thanks for your help!
    ***Oh one more question I forgot to add:***
    Since only the top of the vinyl strips nail to the wall, What holds the bottom of the last piece in place?

    • Vinyl siding usually comes in 12' panels of "double-four" or "double-five" meaning it covers 8-10" vertically and 12', minus overlap horizontally. Be certain that you like Dutch-lap style as it i …tallation. Pricing has quite a range because there are different thicknesses/qualities/varieties; however, it should range from $3.50 per piece to
      $5.00 per piece depending on brand/quality, etc. I hope this helps