Vinyl Beadboard Ceiling on Porch

Vinyl beadboard ceilingby Shelly
(New England)

One of our site visitors, Shelly, contributed this photograph and helpful information about installing a vinyl beadboard ceiling:

  • "I noticed that your ceiling page didn't mention vinyl specifically. I am almost finished installing a vinyl beadboard ceiling. I thought it might be helpful for people looking for a maintenance-free option.

    The 6" planks (actually solid soffit material) are run parallel to the joists with plywood strips running between joists to provide a nailing surface for every plank. Each plank is screwed (provides more control than nailing) in 4 places along the 6-ft length.

    Screw pattern is staggered so each course is screwed into every other strip. The cut ends (allow 1/4 on each end for expansion, and make sure the screws in the nailing flanges aren't so tight that the plank can't slide) are supported by J channel at the house (just the top of the J channel installed for the siding) and the carrying beam."

    Finished ceiling

    "Here is a shot of the finished vinyl beadboard ceiling. I still have to finish the bottom of the beam, the other side of the beam (vented soffit) and replace some siding, then I'll share pictures of the whole porch!"


Duraflo 646015 Soffit Exhaust Vent, White
Home Improvement (Canplas)
  • No need to penetrate the roof or wall
  • Unique flapper lets out hot moist air while
  • Will adapt to 4 or 5 ducting or flex hose

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Venting garage roof -- what's best?

The attic space above my garage is unvented and I want to put a vent or vents in. (It gets very hot up there in summer and I gather that can be bad for the roof.) I'm moderately handy but this is new territory so I want to make sure I install the right kind of vent(s).
Here's the situation: It's an attached two-car garage. The roof has asphalt shingles. Slope is roughly 30 degrees, towards east and west. The garage has a plaster ceiling, and above it an attic space with plywood floor for storage. The garage is unheated and uninsulated.
Construction is brick, although the upper part of the gable (north) end has vinyl siding

- -annonimous- - poster grap again no name shit

I am from San Diego so finding if Portland Oregon requires a permit to replace a roof was going out of my way. The number of times anonymous post here are stupid, rude, wrong, and fucking around is note worthy. If your are worth reading get a name.
From Portland Oregon wed site
Work not requiring a building permit
Some minor repairs and maintenance on one or two family
dwellings do not require a building permit.
• Paint buildings that are not historic landmarks or do not
have specific c z

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