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The shiplap in my home is original and I made sure it was there before I bought our place. It is something I discovered under the sheetrock in our first home, built in the 1920's, and I wanted to keep it, but our contractor strongly discouraged it. Since then, I have seen so many beautiful homes that kept the original shiplap or installed new tongue and groove panels. For anyone that isn't familiar with the term "shiplap", it refers to wood planks that were typically used as interior walls of old homes and buildings by placing them horizontally from floor to ceiling over the 2 X 4 studs. When pine went into short supply, and all of the high quality Long Leaf Pine was gone, sheet rock was invented, and thus this method of constructing interior walls ended...(sadly).

Fortunately, I have these wood walls in my kitchen, the boys room and my bathroom and they are my favorite spaces. I really would prefer to have the entire interior of my house wrapped in wood. You can hang a picture anywhere, it provides a wonderful texture and it adds a craftsman feel to the most modern spaces.


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Ah! I perfect case for using...

Hardie board siding, and trim.
Hardie board is a cement-fiber type material that won't burn, is water, rot and bug proof. Woodpeckers hate it as their little peaks won't harm it. You can use it for the siding, soffits and trim.
It is a little more expensive than wood, like T-111, but is pre-primed and easy to install like wood. But, it is virtually maintenance free after installation.
I ordered it on my new home, and haven't had any problems with it at all.
If you google it, their site has online instructions, etc

  • Reveal 4-7
  • Non marring design
  • Standard or Bevel Edge
  • Used to install primed or pre-painted cement-board siding without lines on wall
  • Gauges and supports siding for one person installation with virtually no layout time.

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  • Avatar Eddie Pat Where can I learn how to install HardiPlank siding?
    May 06, 2006 by Eddie Pat | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    I have 30 yr. old shiplap on my detached garage and would like to try to replace it with hardiplank....but I don't have much carpentry experience.

    • As a professional it is not difficult however, it is very dusty and definitely not a one person job. Start with installing your 5/4 boards on the corners of the house. Then make sure your bottom board (the first one you …edge of the first board. I would make it 7" long and that will let you maintain the same space between each row. Set the next course on the top (the bottom of the "T") and nail. Keep going until your done.

  • Avatar melinda s What size steel beam would replace a 4x12x20 wood beam?
    Feb 07, 2012 by melinda s | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    The beam supports one side of a patio roof (17x17) that is made of shiplap sheathing covered with fiberglass shingles.

    • You need to go to a steel beam supplier and take the following information with you. They can determine the size you'd need. First take a picture of it underside and outside of the porch. They will need to know how long …br />
      The 1st responder suggested talking to an architectural engineer. No such thing. There are architecs that design and engineers that calculate loads.

      Hope this helps and isn't too confusing.