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Today a crew showed up and started work on our house at ** Dudley, MA. There is a major problem already. The contract states that 3/4 inch (R-Max) like insulation be used under the new siding. The crew took off the old siding and is putting new siding over the old 3/8 styrofoam insulation. I want the work to stop now and plans be put in place to take the siding off that was put on and 3/4 inch insulation be placed under any new siding. Also any siding damaged should be discarded during this operation be discarded. I am faxing a copy of the contract in case you don't have one handy. 12/5/01.

History: On 9-29-01, we signed a contract and a siding spec sheet for our home. Not written on the spec sheet but verbalized was the understanding that the siding on the rear of the house would start 1/4 inch above the deck as moving the deck would be impractical. Also not on the spec sheet was the agreement that the 3/4 inch insulation board was to be covered at the bottom of the siding all around the house. I was told by Corey ** that it is normal to cover the insulation board at the bottom. We were told the work would be done in 6-8 weeks. At the time, I asked Corey ** if the work was going to be subcontracted. The reply was we have our own crews.

After 9 weeks had elapsed, I called Home Depot (11-29-01) and was told by Sandy that the project would start Dec 4th and that a dumpster would be brought out Dec 3rd and asked where I wanted it stationed. I told Sandy that the west side of the driveway close to the road would be best so I could get my cars out of the garage. The dumpster arrived on the 3rd and was placed close to the house on the east side which created a severe problem moving the cars out of the garage. The crew arrived on the morning of the 4th, at which time I noticed the vehicles were not marked Home Depot. What was meant by we have our own crews?

When I arrived home on the evening of the 4th, I looked at the project and immediately noticed that % insulation board was not being used under the siding as specified. The siding was being installed over the original aluminum covered 3/8th Styrofoam subsiding. New 3/8 inch insulation board was left unused on the supply pile. All but the back side of the house was finished. A second problem also existed. The fascia and soffit were supposed to be covered in white instead of shale in color.

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Ah! I perfect case for using...

Hardie board siding, and trim.
Hardie board is a cement-fiber type material that won't burn, is water, rot and bug proof. Woodpeckers hate it as their little peaks won't harm it. You can use it for the siding, soffits and trim.
It is a little more expensive than wood, like T-111, but is pre-primed and easy to install like wood. But, it is virtually maintenance free after installation.
I ordered it on my new home, and haven't had any problems with it at all.
If you google it, their site has online instructions, etc

  • Reveal 4-7
  • Non marring design
  • Standard or Bevel Edge
  • Used to install primed or pre-painted cement-board siding without lines on wall
  • Gauges and supports siding for one person installation with virtually no layout time.

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  • Avatar NC- (Holy Trinity of  gettin Buckets ™ ®) James Hardie Shingle siding ,Certainteed or Nichiha?
    Mar 09, 2012 by NC- (Holy Trinity of gettin Buckets ™ ®) | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    I'm putting Fiber Cement shingle(imitation cedar shakes) on my gables.
    If you can describe the experiences you've had with each or any. Installers, home owners or people with friends who know about this stuff. Also how would I install fiber cement siding over my asbestos siding, or will I have to remove the old stuff? Thanks

    • I have gradually been replacing my asbestos siding with the Hardie boards. In my neck of the woods, if the asbestos are solid, you can install the cement boards over them. Begin at the bottom and work up.

      …se board for renovations in the historic district because of the durability and insect resistance.

      Installation is not difficult. You must use the correct nails or screws so they will not crack the boards.