Fraser Wood Siding Installation Guide

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50-year Limited Warranty against Wood Decay

Fraser Specialty Products Ltd. hereby warrants that, for a period of fifty (50) years, when installed according to the “Fraser Wood Siding Installation and Storage Guide”, this product will not decay due to normal weathering. This warranty is void if the product comes into direct contact with the ground, adjacent structures (ie. decks) or is immersed in water. This warranty does not cover any other defects other than those previously noted.

Within five (5) years of the installation date, upon notification and validation of the complaint by Fraser Specialty Products Ltd., and at its sole discretion, shall compensate the purchaser or the subsequent homeowner, as the case may be, for the material and labor required to repair the siding involved. Only the affected areas as validated by Fraser Specialty Ltd. will be covered. Fraser Specialty Ltd. reserves the right to void all warranties if installation requirements are not adhered to. Installation requirements can be found in the product bundle or on the web site ( and Conditions
The warranty contained herein is in effect for fifty (50) years from date of siding installation and is subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations, requirements and legal rights stated in this document. This warranty remains in effect for the owners of the property to which the siding was originally applied. This warranty is transferable by the original property owner to a first transferee. In the event of a Warranty claim, the Warranty period shall not be longer than fifty (50) years from the date of original siding installation.

Any product found to be unsatisfactory, prior to installation, for any reason, must not be installed and should be returned to the dealer where it was purchased for replacement product. Fraser Specialty Products Ltd. will not be responsible in any way for labor or material if defective or unacceptable material is installed. Fraser Specialty Products Ltd. shall not be liable for any consequential or special damages, or for other expenses such as accessories (building paper, sheathing, fasteners, etc.) which may arise in connection with this Warranty.

This Warranty does not apply to damage or failure caused by excessive warping, cupping, splitting, checking and shrinking of siding material; breakdown of underlying substrate; falling objects; lack of proper maintenance; accidental damage; structural defects; fire, lightening, hurricane, tornado, windstorm, earthquake, hail or other acts of God; harmful chemicals (including harmful cleaning compounds); surface deterioration due to air pollution; misuse; abuse; vandalism; mildew accumulation; scratching, abrading, or misuse/abuse of the factory-finished product after application.

Any claim against this warranty must be made in writing and include a copy of the original invoice for the product. The quantity of replacement product will correspond to the quantity of product damaged by decay, as determined by Fraser Specialty Products Ltd.


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Has anyone use hardypanels

or hardy plank as an alternative to exteriors stucco? I know the fiber cement is great for siding, but I'm looking for 4X8 panels that will not overlap.
1. How do you install them
2. how do you keep the water out of the joints
Home depot carries a 4X8 sheet but they have no idea how to install. I checked their website, and they only have installation instructions for narrow overlapping siding.
if any of you know of a better product, any info will be
greatly appreciated.
this is the look I'm after

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  • Avatar pinksugarblue What type of cookie sheets do you use...AND?
    Jan 23, 2009 by pinksugarblue | Posted in Cooking & Recipes

    How do your cookies turn out? If i use my nice double-sided sheets, my cookies are great. If i use "regular" sheets, the kind you could pick up from Target, the cookies burn on the bottom and stay goopy on top :-p

    • Like Stagelady above, I use the Air Bake sheets. They have two layers of metal separated by a thin blanket of air in between. This prevents the cookies from burning on the bottom.
      Further, they have only one lifte …etimes.
      They were not cheap, but Ive had mine for 20 years and I use them a couple times a week.

      (Below are the items I have now for sale thru Amazon. At $20 for the set, they are at a great price!)

  • Avatar corsby 1212 I'm shopping for metal siding for a storage shack, how are they priced?
    Nov 17, 2007 by corsby 1212 | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I'm looking for 10 foot high and about 2 feet in width. The pricing sheet I received says - $62.88 per square
    $1.99 per linear foot. Which I don't know how to translate?

    • By the square! My soon to be ex is a siding contractor. Take the length times the width to get the square footage!