Board & Batten Siding

Board & Batten Siding

Board & Batten Siding

Alside Board & Batten siding reproduces the distinguishing details of class board and batten siding installations. A stately 5 ½” board face is accented by a delicate 1 ½” batten that projects ½” above the board surface. The aesthetically pleasing proportions, combined with the emphatic bold shadow lines created by the battens, produce a look of refined elegance.

Alside Board & Batten Premium Vinyl Siding is an outstand choice for any home exterior project.

  • Exceptional beauty captured by a classic siding profile
  • Extra-thick panel construction, with the rigidity to keep wall surfaces even and course lines straight.
  • A wide selection of
  • Easily combined with a wide choice of decorative trim options


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I have an 16 year old installation that looks gr

The material was soaking wet when it was installed and we used about 50 units of it. We cut it with a skilsaw with regular carbide framing blades which we changed about twice a unit.
The material was pre-primed. And I believe the primer was on the exposure side only. We did not caulk the joints; nor apply the joint flashing that is recommended in the current application instructions. It was installed over tyvek that had 1/4 inch pt lath placed on it over the studs for an air gap.
The material was allowed to dry a couple weeks after installation and was painted by a professional trades painter by spray and back brushing

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