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To install metal siding)

Roll Formed Z-Channels are commonly used as Framing, Supports, Reinforcements, Stiffeners for PVC-Rails, Slides, Tracks, and many other uses. They are used in many industries, such as: Construction, Mezzanines, Metal Buildings, Garage Doors, Fences, PVC-Door & Window Frames, Displays & Store Fixtures, Tool Boxes, Metal Furniture, Enclosures, Cabinets, Storage Bins, Racks, among many other industries. Z-Bar, Z-Channel, Zee, & Purlin are all terms that describe the same type of Profile.

When there are returns at the top of each leg tooling will usually need to be produced unless its for a size we already have dies made for. For Zees with a small Web between the Legs, new dies may also be needed, although these dies are not as expensive as dies for Zees with longer Webs. With high enough volume, dies may be donated, as well. Purlins have returns that are bent inward at the top of each leg with a wider Web than the Legs are long. They are very common in the Framing and Metal Buildings Industries. Zees can have these same inward flanges but usually do not. They are not usually called Purlins when they are used in other industries. Some Zees and Purlins can be so wide that they are considered to be Panels. Purlins are typically Prefinished with Galvanized or another rust inhibiting coating and can be made in all metals, including Aluminum and Stainless Steel.

In the early 1980's, Johnson Bros. produced Z-Channels for building sized parabolic satellite antenna receiving station discs, used around the world. They were made from 6061-T4 age hardening Aluminum. Two sizes of Purlins had to be bent with a sweep in the hard direction, for 16 different radii, that made up the frame of the dish. Zees can be this complex, or without inward Flanges that are very basic, plain, steel, display supports.

Inline fabricating such as sweep bending and cutting to finished lengths are available, as well as: Holes, Slots, Embossing, End Fabrications, Shear Forms, Perforating, Cutouts, K/O's, Ring Bending, and many others. Finished lengths can be as short as 4? or as long as 40 feet. Thicknesses can be as thin as .003? or as thick as .125?. Prefinishes available are: Galvanized-(G30, G60, G90, G210, Electro, Bonderized, Smooth Brite), Prepainted, Preplated, Preanodized, Prepolished, Strippable-PVC Coated, Prelaquered, Prelaminated Vinyl, Aluminized, Galvanneal, Galvalume and more.

Materials used are: Steel, Stainless, Galvanized, Aluminum, Clad, High Strength, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Alloys, Wire Cloth, Expanded Metals, Foil, Embossed and Perforated among others.

Source: www.johnsonrollforming.com

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I just sided my house

8 1/4" siding and know of the panels. Use exterior grade screws to screw them on to the wall. No pre-drilling is necessary unless you are really close to an edge. You can get them primered so you paint whatever color you want, or you can get them pre-painted or pre-stained if you want. When you screw them on, if you don't want to see the screw, countersink it a little, dab it with paintable caulk, and paint over it. It cuts with a special cement board saw blade you can get at HD or any hardware store. Hint: if you have a lot of cuts to do, get the $50 or $70 blade, the cheap ones are crap.

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    How do your cookies turn out? If i use my nice double-sided sheets, my cookies are great. If i use "regular" sheets, the kind you could pick up from Target, the cookies burn on the bottom and stay goopy on top :-p

    • Like Stagelady above, I use the Air Bake sheets. They have two layers of metal separated by a thin blanket of air in between. This prevents the cookies from burning on the bottom.
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      They were not cheap, but Ive had mine for 20 years and I use them a couple times a week.

      (Below are the items I have now for sale thru Amazon. At $20 for the set, they are at a great price!)

  • Avatar corsby 1212 I'm shopping for metal siding for a storage shack, how are they priced?
    Nov 17, 2007 by corsby 1212 | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I'm looking for 10 foot high and about 2 feet in width. The pricing sheet I received says - $62.88 per square
    $1.99 per linear foot. Which I don't know how to translate?

    • By the square! My soon to be ex is a siding contractor. Take the length times the width to get the square footage!

  • Avatar preachercreaper Does anyone know a website that sells aftermarket fiberglass and sheet metal body parts for a 79 Ford pickup?
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    I especially need a new cab shell, and various other body side panels. I know of a website that GM endorses, that manufactors aftermarket fiberglass cab shells for much older model year Chevy p/u trucks. It is my most sincere hope to find a simular website endorsed by Ford Motor Company. Please help.

    • Try lmc truck parts. and certifit. com certifit is awholesaler to the body shop industry. fairly reasonable prices and retail stores so you can inspect the sheet metal for flaws before purchase

  • Avatar William M Who knows what scrap metal is worth?
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    Wow I really like number 3's answer very detailed I am gonna print that out thank you for all your help folks
    I am trying to add best answer to number three womanology but it wont allow me to so how do I add best answer

    • Depends on your area. Right now copper wire is worth more than any thing. Most places only buy scarp metal buy the ton. Best you look in your phone book for the numbers of your local center and ask them. By the pound i cant see it being much more than 1 or 2 cent per pound. but you can always call.

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    • For rock and metal you need a heavier cymbal, cause you beating the crap out of them! Try and buy die cast cymbals vs. sheet bronze. Die cast is heavier, it has more bell bronze and less soft metals like aluminium, there …ats
      22" Ride
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