Wood Siding on Metal Buildings

Steel building or Wood?

Metal shingles

I've tried searching here and on the web trying to get information for a future shop build. I'm hopefully going to be the proud owner of a home on some acreage - large enough for me to build whatever size workshop my wallet can fit. I'm thinking around a 30x50 - with 10 ft sides. It will be mostly for woodworking and some metalworking equipment, but also have at least a two bay area along one end for a project car or truck.

From my research, the metal building option would be cheaper to build than a frame/Hardiplank siding design from the shell standpoint. I plan to have the interior insulated and a heat/air system (undetermined) installed for year round comfort. Probably about 6 or 8 windows, a person door, and at least 1 roll up vehicle door.

Wood framing leaves me exposed studs to run power/lights/air lines - and I'm most familiar with methods/products to finish off the interior. I would use drywall or OSB to finish off the interior.

Source: www.garagejournal.com

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This conversation is precisely why I post

People that are not carpenters go off with all sorts of half baked ideas about how things should be done and end up making some of the most unsightly, unsafe, environmentally unsound, and generally half-assed conglomerations of wood and metal ever seen.
Most people have trouble pounding a nail. So the screw gun makes a perfect answer for them.
Screws are ugly. Unless they are individually countersunk, basic gold screws or black screws wedge the wood apart as the bugle head hits the face of the wood and then split the wood later as water enters the tiny crack at the top of the wedge and starts its evil game

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    How do your cookies turn out? If i use my nice double-sided sheets, my cookies are great. If i use "regular" sheets, the kind you could pick up from Target, the cookies burn on the bottom and stay goopy on top :-p

    • Like Stagelady above, I use the Air Bake sheets. They have two layers of metal separated by a thin blanket of air in between. This prevents the cookies from burning on the bottom.
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  • Avatar corsby 1212 I'm shopping for metal siding for a storage shack, how are they priced?
    Nov 17, 2007 by corsby 1212 | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I'm looking for 10 foot high and about 2 feet in width. The pricing sheet I received says - $62.88 per square
    $1.99 per linear foot. Which I don't know how to translate?

    • By the square! My soon to be ex is a siding contractor. Take the length times the width to get the square footage!