Aluminum siding vs brick siding

Install aluminum siding

A comparison of aluminum siding vs brick siding to help you choose which is best for your home

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If you are thinking of improving the exterior of your home then many siding options are available for your consideration. The choices include aluminum, stone, vinyl, brick and wood. With such a wide range of available materials, you should compare aluminum siding vs. brick siding to find the material that is best for your home. It's a smart move to learn about the pros and cons of different siding types before making a decision.

Aluminum siding
Several good reasons for choosing aluminum siding include:

  • Inexpensive and low maintenance compared to other types of siding
  • Easy to install, durable, fireproof and waterproof
  • Rust, mold and termite resistant

Install brick sidingThe main drawback of using aluminum is that it gets easily damaged. Aluminum is a relatively soft metal, so it's prone to dents and scratches; you could damage the aluminum just by leaning a ladder against the house. In addition, heavy rain, strong winds and hail make the aluminum noisy; hail also causes dents.

Brick siding
Like aluminum, brick siding is also low maintenance, but is more expensive to install than aluminum due to the higher level of skill required for installation. Bricks can withstand all types of weather conditions, are durable and strong and offer a more appealing and traditional look. Brick also provides a home with good insulation. This insulation protects the home from outside noise and from extreme hot or cold temperatures. This type of siding also comes in many patterns, so you can create an original and imaginative design. The only real disadvantages to using brick are the expense and the installation time.


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House 1 vs. house 2

Both in similar area, both have similar inside, both have similar prices.
House 1:
Actual garage, big empty back yard, 2 full baths, vinyl siding
House 2:
No garage, but storage space that'd be enough for our holiday stuff currently
Big back yard, is actually fenced but also has a crappy looking metal shed that actually worries me as far as the kids playing in it, but our kids would stay out if we told them to.
1.5 baths
Brick siding
Which would you pick?

Small Parts 6061 Aluminum U-Channel, Unpolished (Mill) Finish, Extruded, T6 Temper, AMS QQ-A-200/ASTM B221, Equal Leg Length, Rounded Corners, 1.75" Wall Thickness, 12" Length
BISS (Small Parts)
  • 6061 aluminum provides good corrosion resistance, strength, machinability, and weldability
  • Meets AMS-QQ-A-200 and ASTM B221 specifications
  • Unpolished (mill) surface has no finish
  • Extruded into the shape by compressing metal and pushing it through a die
  • Heat treated for increased strength
General Electric General Electric GE22749 Max Extra Siliconized Acrylic Caulk, 5.5-Ounce, Crystal Clear
Home Improvement (General Electric)
  • Exceeds ASTM C834 for better flexibility in most temperatures
  • Ethylene glycol-free
  • TYPICAL USES: Around doors, windows, siding, trim, molding, baseboards and vents
  • ADHERES TO: Most metal, glass, tile, wood, metal, drywall, plaster, masonry and some plastics
  • Specifications: Exceeds ASTM Spec C-834, Type C, Grade 0C requirements
FM DX Antenna Co FM Omnidirectional HD Stereo Reception Antenna
Home Theater (FM DX Antenna Co)
  • This horizontal FM antenna gives great results if you want to pick up FM radio stations from all directions whether mounted inside or outside.
  • You ll be pleased with the size of this omnidirectional FM antenna as it is big enough to pull in distant FM signals but small enough to mount inside or stealthily...
  • Built to last for years outside but small enough to bring inside. You ll be able to pick up distant FM signals in your attic or crawl space like you never have before.
  • The folded dipole is the most popular FM omnidirectional design in Europe and is a proven performer.
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  • Avatar honesty_counts Why not just use Vinyl Siding instead of Asphalt Shingles? won't It will last much longer?
    Jun 18, 2010 by honesty_counts | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

    I remember a demonstration of vinyl siding that had a rigid insulation backing, it was shown to be strong enough to walk on without deflecting or being damaged in any way. Every few years (15-20) it seems that homes always need their shingles replaced, but the vinyl siding never gets replaced, so the next time a roof needs to be replaced, why not just use vinyl siding instead?

    • Vinyl siding IS NOT water tight.
      Why shingle are not water proof they are if installed properly "water tight."

  • Avatar Mercy Will this insulation become easily waterlogged?
    Apr 02, 2011 by Mercy | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    I have plans for a feral cat shelter made from 2" thick rigid styrofoam insulation sheets. It would be easy to make and quite warm. I called Home Depot in advance to be sure they had it in stock and they did. I found … like a fool, but I'm trying to run with this. But is is worth it or should I complain? I mean, I can waterproof the hell out of it. I do know how to do that. But will it hold up if I do, or is this just awful stuff?

    • I think I know the stuff you're talking about... kind of an off-white to yellow board, with a printed metal foil on one face?

      That's insulated sheathing board, usually used to cover a building's framing st … out, it's probably pretty weather resistant, though.

      It isn't compressed fiberglass. It's an air-foamed plastic, like styrofoam. I don't think the guys at Home Depot were trying to pull a fast one on you.