Synthetic Underlayment for Metal Roofing

If you still use 30# roofing felt, you’re throwing your money away.

  • Our synthetic underlayment is 20 TIMES STRONGER than felt – it won’t rip or tear and it won’t buckle when wet.
  • It’s about 10 TIMES LIGHTER than felt so it goes up faster and puts less weight (and stress) on your roof.
  • And it’s the most slip resistant underlayment in the industry.

Installation is a snap!

Our roofing underlayment comes with a preprinted nail pattern and alignment guides and its 48″ width makes for a quicker installation.

Synthetic Underlayment The underlayment of your roof is as important as the finish or exterior material you choose. This is particularly true if you are installing a new roof or installing after a tear-off of an older roof where you are down to the original decking. In the case where you are installing a metal roof over an existing roof, the importance of the underlayment is somewhat minimized because the old roof materials, as long as you have determined they are not too uneven or distorting, will act as a protective barrier between the roof deck and your new metal roof.

Over the last fifty years or so, most everyone used a petro-chemically soaked product known as roofing felt. There are various other names this product has been called such as “tar paper”, “roofing paper”, “felt paper” to name a few. It’s all pretty much the same thing though: a mat of organic or inorganic fibers impregnated with asphalt or coal tar pitch.

Today’s technology brings us a new synthetic underlayment that is vastly superior in all respects to “tar paper.”

Our synthetic roofing underlayment comes with a 25-year limited warranty. It is made from a woven black polypropylene with polymer. It is UV resistant, the membrane is self-sealing where nails have penetrated it for attachment purposes and it is slip resistant.

Weight & Performance

  • The amount of synthetic underlayment needed to cover 10 squares weighs just 28 lbs. This is almost 10 times lighter than felt.
  • The amount of 30# felt paper needed to cover 10 squares weighs 275 lbs.
  • Our synthetic underlayment is tested watertight around fasteners.
  • Felt paper is not at all watertight around fasteners.
  • Our synthetic underlayment consistently out-performs and out-tests conventional roofing underlayments, and blows away old-technology underlayments.
  • Our synthetic underlayment doesn’t stick to metal roofing.
  • Felt paper sticks to metal roofing.

Installation Efficiency

  • Our synthetic underlayment offers faster, more efficient installation that means less labor cost and less call-backs for the contractor.
  • Felt paper is difficult to work with, installation goes slowly, and can subject contractors to call-backs due to blow-offs, rips, tears or weather damage.
  • Our synthetic underlayment lays flat and stays wrinkle-free.
  • Felt paper is stiff and difficult to uncurl.
  • Our synthetic underlayment comes in extra wide 48″ rolls to make installation quicker.
  • Felt paper’s narrow-width rolls mean more labor costs during installation.
  • Our synthetic underlayment is easy to cut and fold around corners.
  • Felt paper is equally easy to cut and fold, but can tear very easily.
  • Our synthetic underlayment’s skid-resistant surface is easy to walk on.
  • Felt paper can be slippery and dangerous to walk on.


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Quite common, should not worry, case in point

It's quite common on a tile job to "dry in" the roof before the actually roof is installed. Underlayment is tacked down and battens are mechanically attached, either staples or nails.
At this point, contractors will start the interior of a new house...electrical, insulation, sheetrock. Additionally, on two story homes, the stucco/siding contractor will install while the roof is off, to avoid breaking roof tiles.
Roofs can stay in this condition for 30-60 days with no damage. Even more if a UV resistant underlayment is used (6 months for some underlayments)
I would not be alarmed in regards to your roof

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