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Corrugated section of metal

Do you need to know the range of average installed costs for Metal Siding in your zip code? Do you need an independent, 2014 cost breakdown of Metal Siding material and installation costs?

The Homewyse Metal Siding cost estimator provides up to date pricing information for your area. Enter your zip code, the size of your project below and click "Update". The table below summarizes the average 2014 cost to install Metal Siding in your area for good, better and custom quality work.

  • To avoid costly problems and get quality work at a fair price, have Metal Siding installation completed by a licensed and bonded Siding Contractor. Use the free Homewyse checklist for proven advice in finding, hiring and managing a trustworthy Siding Contractor.
  • You may be able to save on Metal Siding installation costs by hiring a Carpenter. Make sure that any prospective Carpenter has relevant Metal Siding experience, that you verify past work, and that you follow the homewyse checklist.

Metal Siding - Pricing and Installation Cost Notes

  • Metal Siding installation cost estimates typically require an onsite inspection - in most cases estimates are free, but will be accompanied by a strong sales pitch.
  • Cost ranges account for variations in contractor skill, job location and seasonal contractor wage rates.
  • Expect to pay an additional 5% - 14% in material and installation costs for complex installation configurations and patterns.
  • The homewyse installation cost estimate does not include costs for removal and disposal of existing siding and trim, structural modifications or repairs, and any work on soffit or fascia.
  • The homewyse cost estimates includes all typical costs for manufacturer recommended underlayment, flashing for all wall openings, siding, starter strip, window trim fittings, door trim fittings, and manufacturer recommended adhesives, caulking and fasteners.
  • Higher priced Metal Siding may include features such as thicker, more durable material, wider range of style choice and higher quality finishing and fabrication.
  • Save money on the total project by having multiple vendors bid on the same, complete description of Metal Siding work for your project.
  • Save money on installation costs by being flexible on project scheduling - schedule your project during slow periods for the installer.


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Comp would work

I suggested the "tin" roofing as it replace what is there. It's an older style of roofing, that is created with small sheets of sheet metal and the soldered. As I mentioned above, some of those old soldered roofs were know to last for over 50 years.
If you are looking for alternates, then you might consider a small standing seam metal roof. This would be a more modern approach and probably a little less than a soldered flat sheet metal roof.
Comp would be an option also, however you would have to add another membrane under the comp to allow for the low slope

Taylor Pneumatic Taylor Pneumatic: Scissor Shear: RPM: 2500. Air Pressure: 90 PSI Max. Rear Exhaust
Home Improvement (Taylor Pneumatic)
  • RPM: 2500. Length: 12-1/2 . Weight: 3 lbs. Air Pressure: 90 PSI Max. Rear Exhaust.
  • Lightweight aluminum housing. Leaves a clean edge. Light and powerful. Powerful.
  • Cuts hard to cut steel siding. Also flexible plastic, rubber and wire mesh.

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  • Avatar honesty_counts Why not just use Vinyl Siding instead of Asphalt Shingles? won't It will last much longer?
    Jun 18, 2010 by honesty_counts | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

    I remember a demonstration of vinyl siding that had a rigid insulation backing, it was shown to be strong enough to walk on without deflecting or being damaged in any way. Every few years (15-20) it seems that homes always need their shingles replaced, but the vinyl siding never gets replaced, so the next time a roof needs to be replaced, why not just use vinyl siding instead?

    • Vinyl siding IS NOT water tight.
      Why shingle are not water proof they are if installed properly "water tight."