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In Portland, metal siding isn't the first material most homeowners think of when it comes to cladding their home. Vinyl, cement, and stone siding are the materials of choice. It didn't always used to be this way. For the longest time, aluminum siding was one of the most popular forms of residential siding because of its resistance to water and moisture and its low cost of installation. Unfortunately, it was vulnerable to hail and other impacts, and when cost-effective alternatives became available, aluminum saw a sharp downturn in its market share.

The New Metal Siding in Portland: Steel
For the longest time, steel was the antithesis of a smart siding material in Portland. Within a single season, steel siding could rust beyond the point of being a viable siding material. New baked-on coatings, however, have transformed steel into an equally moisture resistant metal as aluminum. Moreover, the unmatched strength of steel means no more concerns about impact damage. Better yet, with a seamless steel siding installation, you can eliminate the seams and joints that is a common weakness to any other form of siding.

The New Look of Steel Siding in Portland, OR
Of course, even with this newly enhanced performance, many homeowners have trouble envisioning the metallic appearance of steel for their home. These baked-on coating take care of this problem as well, transforming the look of steel into any number of highly decorative finishes. It may not be as close an imitation to wood as, say, fiber-cement siding, but you can have a colorful and vibrant look that surpasses many bland forms of vinyl siding.

Cost of Portland Metal Siding Installation
Aluminum siding was always popular for its low installation cost. Steel siding won't be quite as cheap, but it won't break the bank, either. Nearly every from of siding has undergone improvements that increase its performance, while also increasing the price of the siding. On the other hand, for long-term cost effectiveness, these improvements are a no-brainer, as they can extend the lifetime of your siding by decades. Vinyl siding, for example, now incorporates the same baked-on coatings as steel siding. The starting cost for siding installation for an average sized home is about $10, 000. Steel siding will be in the same ballpark as vinyl and cement siding, and will last just as long. The question for homeowners really becomes just how much abuse you expect your siding to take, exactly what look and finish you want from your siding, and how much maintenance can you stomach over the years. As long as your steel siding is installed properly, you may never need to repair or maintain it for the lifetime of your home.

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Some options

1) Legally, if you attach it to your house, it requires a permit. If you build it without a permit and get caught, you'll end up paying twice the permit fees.
2) 12 feet span for you rafters is to much. Under it's own weight, the 2X6's will sag and it will look bad in a year or so. I would go with 2 X 8's and crown each rafter with the crown up.
3) Don't install your 4 x 4 posts directly in the ground like 'fence posts'. It's not legal for one thing and will rot out. You can Use pressure treated posts that are structurally rated, (not all pressure treated lumber is)and use posts base set in concrete

Build it if time permit

For a high quality shed, you need to build it. It cost less than buying a one for the same quality.
Use treated lumber when possible, but only if the nails can handle them. I did that for floor and siding, but not roof sheeting.
For the floor, I would recommend to pour concrete. It's cheaper and last much longer. This is especially you have animals, which you can wash the concrete without issue. You can dig it out, pour gravel and stamp them. Then make a form on top, put mesh metal, and call a company to pour concrete for you.
Build a larger shed. 10x10 is very small

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Home Improvement (Taylor Pneumatic)
  • RPM: 2500. Length: 12-1/2 . Weight: 3 lbs. Air Pressure: 90 PSI Max. Rear Exhaust.
  • Lightweight aluminum housing. Leaves a clean edge. Light and powerful. Powerful.
  • Cuts hard to cut steel siding. Also flexible plastic, rubber and wire mesh.

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  • Avatar honesty_counts Why not just use Vinyl Siding instead of Asphalt Shingles? won't It will last much longer?
    Jun 18, 2010 by honesty_counts | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

    I remember a demonstration of vinyl siding that had a rigid insulation backing, it was shown to be strong enough to walk on without deflecting or being damaged in any way. Every few years (15-20) it seems that homes always need their shingles replaced, but the vinyl siding never gets replaced, so the next time a roof needs to be replaced, why not just use vinyl siding instead?

    • Vinyl siding IS NOT water tight.
      Why shingle are not water proof they are if installed properly "water tight."