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Quickflash Weatherproofing Products, Inc.Quickflash HVAC Flashing Panels rtical wall penetrations and protrusions.

Quick and easy to install, our patented, made in the USA flashing panels replace the old, unreliable caulking, tape flashing, and/or sheet metal flashing methods all together - saving the builder thousands of dollars a year from potential moisture related problems such as toxic mold and possible litigation.

Quickflash Completes the Building Enevelope SystemFlashing is a key component in the building process. Quickflash panels complete the building envelope system and offer a no caulk friction seal for reducing liability for moisture intrusion, creating an air barrier, and even preventing insect infestation through the penetrations or protrusions. Caulking breaks down over time. Incomplete and improper caulking of penetrations is one of the primary sources of water intrusion. Any time the building envelope is breached, proper sealing is essential.

You flash everything else; doors, windows, vents - NOW, you can flash the exterior penetrations as well, so...Why Take the Risk? Install Quickflash Weatherproofing Panels today, and keep tomorrow's bad weather where it belongs. outside!

Source: www.lakesidelumber.com

FM DX Antenna Co Indoor 1/2 Wave Weather Radio Antenna with RCA Connector
CE (FM DX Antenna Co)
  • This indoor NOAA weather radio antenna is turnkey with 9 feet of coax included and the RCA adapter used by Midland Weather Radios, Sangean Weather Radios, and most...
  • This simple indoor weather radio antenna design will give you excellent weather radio reception affordably while out-performing any other indoor weather band antenna...
  • This 1/2 wave dipole weather band radio antenna is made for NOAA weather radio and EAS reception from 162.4 MHz thru 162.55 MHz. It is all you need to improve your...
  • Will out-perform the weather radio antenna included with your NOAA weather radio receiver.
  • To unleash the true reception power of this indoor NOAA weather radio antenna mount it vertically as high as you can get it in your home on an outer wall or window.

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"What to Do When They Don’t Work"

I found this on the web.
My clock doesn’t synchronize at all.
Most WWVB radio controlled clocks work great, as evidenced by the hundreds of thousands of units that have been sold throughout the United States. However, if your radio clock or receiver isn't working, we suggest:
* If your clock uses batteries, check them and replace if necessary.
* If you have a desk top unit, try rotating it 90 degrees. If you have a wall clock try mounting it on a wall perpendicular to the one it is currently on (e.g. if it is on a north-south wall try an east-west wall)

20-176-AMP-KIT Ambient Weather 20-176-AMP-KIT Indoor / Outdoor Weather Radio Antenna with Amplifier
CE (20-176-AMP-KIT)
  • Boost reception strength and signal quality of emergency weather alert broadcasts with the Ambient Weather 20-176-AMP Amplified External Antenna.
  • Weather Radio reception is significantly reduced for homes or facilities with metal siding, window treatments, and electrical noise from machinery.
  • To improve reception, an external antenna can be placed outside or in an attic.
  • This package includes the weather radio antenna, a connector to attach to coax cable (you provide the coax cable and inline coax connector), an RCA to coax conversion...
  • The antenna is typically installed outside, on a pole.

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