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Ja-Mar Roofing & Sheet Metal


Ja-Mar Roofing & Sheet Metal has recently celebrated its 40th year in serving Austin and surrounding communities with professional roofing services. . Ja-Mar was founded and continues to operate on the principles of providing the finest quality products, superior customer service and skilled craftsmanship that sets us apart in our industry.

Roofing technology has vastly improved over the past several years, resulting in many new options for roof replacement and repair. Our expertise is the ability to evaluate your current roof system, and specify the most effective solution to meet your objectives.

We're green. With energy costs rising each year, our line of EnergyStar Certified roofing products can result in tremendous savings. These products are on the cutting-edge of the industry's green initiative for efficiency and longevity in roofing materials...


Established in 1970.

"Ja-Mar" stands for "James & Marlyn" McKinney. James McKinney, the founder of our company has roots that go back to when Austin was considered a small town. in fact, one roofing contractor who dated back into the 1800's retired and trusted no other company to inherit it's customer base other than Ja-Mar Roofing. Our roofs have endured the test of time gracing many recognizable buildings and residencies throughout the greater Austin area over the span of 40 plus years. This company began its journey as a small, customer friendly, detail oriented roofing provider. From those early days to the present day we have tried to maintain that focus. Give us a call today! 512-441-8437 (Same phone number for more than 40 years!)

Meet the Business Owner

I grew up in the small town of Bronte, Texas. I was mostly involved with sports as a kid. Our community was a close knit one where everyone knew each other. Bronte was a great place.
My roofing career began in 1992-93 as a suggestion from my brother to get involved after he had enjoyed some success in sales. Our roofing company flourished in West Texas for many years and I eventually sold my interest and moved where I've always wanted to be, Austin, TX. I purchased a terrific little roofing company with a tremendous reputation and heritage in 2005. Ja-Mar Roofing & Sheet Metal has now grown from a small Mom & Pop roofing company into a thriving roofing business with work being contracted all over Texas. However, we still maintain the friendly customer service and skillful attention to detail that made us a household name here in Austin since 1970.


Pole Barn Screw Bag of 250 1" Painted Ivy Green Screw 1/4" Hex Head with Rubber Seal & Metal Washer Metal Roofing Steel Siding to Wood Fastener
Home Improvement (Pole Barn Screw)
  • Steel Sharp Point Screw
  • Painted Ivy Green Metal Head and Washer
  • 1 x 1/4 Hex Head
  • Self-drilling through metal panels into wood. Steel Roofing and Siding Fastener.
  • QTY: 250 per bag.

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Go to your public library

There are cost estimator books that you can read. There are region specific mutipliers to handle labor cost differences. However, these pretty much fall apart in the Bay Area since there are many people who can pay for whatever they want over and above the going rate.
Kitchens are the most expensive per sqft.
Next come bathrooms.
So here is an incomplete list of items you have to add up:
Architecture costs. You can hire an architect or just buy readymade plans.
Building permit. Go to your permit department and ask for all the guides and forms.
Structural engineering costs

Storex Mobile Filing Cabinet With Metal Siding, 19w x 15d x 23h, Black/Silver
Office Product (Storex)
Malco Malco 52867 Leg Set with Bases and Fasteners
Home Improvement (Malco)
  • Optional leg kit for Mini Brake
  • Legs include bases and fasteners
  • Easily installed
  • No table or pickup end gate needed

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