Beer Can Residence in Houston, Texas

Beer Can Residence in Houston, TexasHouston is known for many popular events, people, land, and so many of its Southern quirks, and now there’s one more thing to add to that list. A beer can house. Similar to the bottle cap house, or any other outsider type art that’s been seen all over the world, these Houstonians are the proud owners of a home that has been covered with all kinds of beer cans and memorabilia collected throughout the years.

Beer Can Residence in Houston, Texas (5)The original owner, John Milkovisch, was born and raised during the Great Depression and not once did he throw things away. Especially anything related to beer. As soon as metal siding became popular in the 1970s, turned to his hoarded aluminum collection to hop on the bandwagon and put his cans to good use. It’s been estimated that over 50, 000 cans were collected and used throughout the process. Now that the home has been purchased and restored to allow for public access it is even more of a wonder with its pop top garlands, colored glass bottles and so much more.


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