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Custom Metal Industries, Inc. manufactures Hi-Rib™ and Corrugated metal panels that are ideal for a variety of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. Our metal panels are available in galvanized, galvalume and a selection of popular colors and offer a strong and durable solution to all of your roofing, siding and building liner projects.

Greenfield, IN - Custom Metal Industries, Inc. - Metal FabricationHi-Rib™ Panels

Our Hi-Rib™ pattern consists of a one inch high rib every ten inches on center across the panel, with a shorter rib centered between the high ribs. The flat areas of the panel between the ribs contain a gear pattern for added strength and durability and to help prevent warping.

Our Hi-Rib™ panels are available in galvanized, galvalume and a variety of popular colors, in 20 inch, 30 inch and 40 inch coverage widths (depending on the selected color or finish), and can be cut to any length to the even inch.

We offer our Hi-Rib™ panels in light weight 29 gauge, which can span up to 4 feet between supports; heavier 26 gauge (up to 33% thicker than 29 gauge); and heaviest 24 gauge (up to 75% thicker than 29 gauge). Our 26 gauge and 24 gauge panels can span up to 10 feet between supports.

Greenfield, IN - Metal Fabrication - Custom Metal Industries, Inc.For a more architectural appearance, particularly popular in commercial and industrial applications, we offer our Hi-Rib II™ pattern, which is basically our Hi-Rib™ pattern reversed.

Our Hi-Rib II™ panels are installed with the one inch high ribs against the structure and the wide flat areas of the panel facing out. We also typically leave the gear pattern out of the flat areas to create a smoother finished look to the panel. Our Hi-Rib II™ panels are available in the same colors, finishes and gauges as our Hi-Rib™ panels, in 20 and 30 inch coverage widths.

Corrugated Panels

Our Corrugated pattern consists of a one-half inch high corrugation rib every two and a half inches on center across the panel. Our Corrugated panels are also available in galvanized, galvalume and a variety of colors, in various coverage widths (depending on the selected color or finish).

We offer our Corrugated panels in very light weight 30 gauge to heavy 24 gauge, cut to any length (to the even inch) up to 12 foot maximum length. We can also manufacture our Corrugated panels in heavier gauges upon request. Ask our sales staff for more details.


Pole Barn Screw Bag of 250 1" Painted Ivy Green Screw 1/4" Hex Head with Rubber Seal & Metal Washer Metal Roofing Steel Siding to Wood Fastener
Home Improvement (Pole Barn Screw)
  • Steel Sharp Point Screw
  • Painted Ivy Green Metal Head and Washer
  • 1 x 1/4 Hex Head
  • Self-drilling through metal panels into wood. Steel Roofing and Siding Fastener.
  • QTY: 250 per bag.

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There should be a leg of a metal angle piece

Hanging down off the roof called a drip edge.
Now I don't know without seeing it how the sider made the roof/wall terminition.
I get a feeling he used the lock at the bottom of the siding as a locked in point and floated the top up under some kind of angle coming off the roof, without any fastners,clips,trim on the top. But-- There might/should be a vynal trim piece under the roof that the top edge of the siding slips into.[It is small and the same color so maybe you didn't notice it] So as you slide the siding up to engage the bottom snap, you feed the top of the siding into the termination strip

Storex Mobile Filing Cabinet With Metal Siding, 19w x 15d x 23h, Black/Silver
Office Product (Storex)
Malco Malco 52867 Leg Set with Bases and Fasteners
Home Improvement (Malco)
  • Optional leg kit for Mini Brake
  • Legs include bases and fasteners
  • Easily installed
  • No table or pickup end gate needed

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  • Avatar carlamac100k I am building a tin metal carport / man cave?
    Feb 27, 2012 by carlamac100k | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I want the outside to be red tin all the way around the building outside. when you buy sheets of tin, will the sheets be red on both sides or just red on one side of the tin. Is the tin red though & though or just red one sided?

    • It depends on the company you go with, but almost all of them are only painted on the top.

  • Avatar David Looking to build open carport w/6x6 posts?
    Apr 04, 2011 by David | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    Have a project to build a freestanding carport w/6x6 treated posts. Total dimensions are 22' x 24'; 10' to 12' total height; 7' purlin clear height @ front and back; hip roof on each end w/14' ridge @ apex. Double gara …t the posts on piers or have them placed in ground? Factored in 4 posts/side (8 total). What options to carry load for front and back openings?

    Any suggesstions on these ideas would be greatly appreciated?

    • We had the same problem We got a smith/ metal worker to make up steel shoes for the posts and bolted these down to the concrete slabs under the carport. Lay very thick large slabs on the other side of the carport to matc …glass so giving some light and keeping the load to a minimum. Check if planning permission is needed.

      The carport lasted twenty years and is still there as far as we know. Stood up to the hurricane in 1987

  • Avatar Frankie-J Sheetrock/Drywall in carport style metal garage?
    Jun 10, 2010 by Frankie-J | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    I have a 21x24x8 two bay garage that was built and set up by Carolina-Carports-inc. It has 12 gauge metal framing with 12 gauge siding/roof. It is basically built like a metal carport except it has more braces, heaver …all be too much to safely hang in a metal garage? I contacted the manufacture and they said you "can" install drywall, But Im not sure if the woman on the phone knew what I was talking about. What do you guy's think?

    • Drywall is commonly hung on metal framing. There should be no problem at all. No need for the wood. Most commercial strip malls and such use metal framing. You just need to get the right screws.

  • Avatar JANIEs question My side by side has no spark and will not start?
    Jun 22, 2011 by JANIEs question | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

    It ran fine then I parked it for 12 days in the carport and it will not start. we used starting fluid. Then checked plug no spark. No spark to the coil. It is only 2 1/2 months old. Beennchie makes it probably japan it has been in the shop twice and has been just trouble. what is the limit on returning some crap like that? I need help bad being a single woman and all I know nothing as what to do .

    • From the US and do not understand a side by side,
      Coil had a + side and when the key is it will have 12 volts or 6 depending on the battery. The center wire will have fire coming from it and not going to it. It … your fingers are free of the metal part. If you have fire look to the plug wires and plugs after that.
      If you have no fire check the + side of the coil for power. If so, replace the coil.


  • Avatar seeknstuff Would a tall carport work as a portable horse shelter?
    Mar 09, 2011 by seeknstuff | Posted in Horses

    I need a cheap easy to set and move shelter for a few horses. I had thought about the taller carports and anchor them and line with wood or tightly pulled tarps. Any suggestions? Also, I have seen round ones that are t …/>
    just a note on the portable part... we don't need to be able to move it around just can't dig in holes for supports. We don't own the land we keep the horses on so no permanent structures allowed.

    • Anything that provides shelter from the elements and is not harmful to horses is fine.

      This is what you should have (or something else that has 3 sides)