Project Update – metal siding

3d study zinc paneling at front entryA few years ago a vendor brought in an update to our VM Zinc product binder and in it were some samples of some new colors available for zinc panels – yes, yes, I know instead of focusing on how zinc looks, I should point out some of the awesome sustainable facts about zinc (i.e. 90% of rolled zinc worldwide is recycled) but that’s really just the warm up act compared to how incredible the material looks. Ever since, we have been wanting to use zinc metal siding on a project. Problem was that there wasn’t a good fit for it on any of our projects, you can’t use this stuff on everything – you might want to but it just doesn’t work out that way.

We have a modern infill project going on (all the posts on this project can be sorted through here) and the stucco installation is finally complete. That means the frustrating shroud of scaffolding that has cocooned our project for the last few months is coming down and we can finally start to see some of the finished product. What I am currently most excited to see is the installation of the zinc standing seam wall panels that are on this job. We are actually using two different colors on this job – a beautiful grey zinc called “Quartz” and a mind-exploding black zinc called “Anthra”.

This is the actual front of the house as it looked last Friday.looking up - zinc siding panels on modern house hite protective film still in place – which will remain in place until the project is just about finished (another 7 months). The orange you see here is the building wrap that will be underneath the zinc paneling.

This is a view looking up at the front corner of the entry. The orange part you see on the bottom left cantilevers out over the entryway – it’s role is to provide protective cover at the entry door as well house the stairs from the ground level up to the third level (where you can see the large window on the front elevation)

A look at the fastener clips that hold each individual panel in place but also allows it to slide up and down. When the next adjacent panel gets installed, this fastener will no longer be visible.

This is a close up look at the bottom corner of the longest vertical run of panels and if you know what you’re looking at – there is magic going on here … heads up technical experts at VM Zinc, we totally made your detail better…

zinc siding on modern infill house Zinc Siding at front entry piece zinc siding clip detail zinc siding detail on modern infill house


Pole Barn Screw Bag of 250 1" Painted Ivy Green Screw 1/4" Hex Head with Rubber Seal & Metal Washer Metal Roofing Steel Siding to Wood Fastener
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There should be a leg of a metal angle piece

Hanging down off the roof called a drip edge.
Now I don't know without seeing it how the sider made the roof/wall terminition.
I get a feeling he used the lock at the bottom of the siding as a locked in point and floated the top up under some kind of angle coming off the roof, without any fastners,clips,trim on the top. But-- There might/should be a vynal trim piece under the roof that the top edge of the siding slips into.[It is small and the same color so maybe you didn't notice it] So as you slide the siding up to engage the bottom snap, you feed the top of the siding into the termination strip

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