Low Profile IN BOX™ with Metal Box for New Vinyl Siding Construction

Recessed, metallic electrical box with non-metallic, weatherproof-in-use cover for new siding applications. Accepts most single gang wiring devices and uses standard indoor wall plates or a GFCI cover plate. Non-metallic portion and covers are UV rated plastic for long outdoor life.

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Additional Information

IN BOX for new siding includes metallic box with non-metallic, weatherproof-in-use cover; installed bug plugs; (1) standard duplex and (1) standard GFCI face plate; and (1) set installation screws.Listed

Source: www.aifittings.com

CONSTRUCTION METALS INC Construction Metals Inc 6"X6' Rain Diverter Rd672g Drip Edge & Flashing Lengths

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There should be a leg of a metal angle piece

Hanging down off the roof called a drip edge.
Now I don't know without seeing it how the sider made the roof/wall terminition.
I get a feeling he used the lock at the bottom of the siding as a locked in point and floated the top up under some kind of angle coming off the roof, without any fastners,clips,trim on the top. But-- There might/should be a vynal trim piece under the roof that the top edge of the siding slips into.[It is small and the same color so maybe you didn't notice it] So as you slide the siding up to engage the bottom snap, you feed the top of the siding into the termination strip

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