Steel Siding Denver

Steel Siding Denver

Experts: Steel Siding Denver, Colorado

The primary benefits of steel siding is its durability. While it can sometimes be dented with great effort, it is otherwise almost indestructible. While vinyl siding can often be damaged by hail and wood siding can have problems with insects, steel siding has neither of these problems. It is also water proof and fire resistant. Additionally, maintenance is relatively simple with steel siding. It doesn’t rust, chip, rot or flake. Generally it only requires an occasional washing with a hose.

Steel siding in Denver is available in a broad range of colors, styles, and textures. Seamless steel siding was a significant innovation in the siding market that enabled steel to more directly complete with your other choices.Denver Steel Siding is designed and contoured to the exact dimensions of each individual home, as it is measured, cut, and shaped on the actual construction site, and then literally wrapped around a home. Our team will help you make key decisions on colors and styles for all your siding projects in Denver.

Work with a Steel Siding Contractor You Trust

When looking for steel siding in Denver or across Colorado, contact Scottish Home Improvements to learn more about your broad range of choices. When it comes to steel siding Denver, we have a team made up of the best experts in town. We are a trusted siding contractor with the expertise to handle projects of any size of complexity. We maintain an A+ ranking with the BBB and have won the BBB Gold Star for customer service 7 consecutive years. Give us a call today to set up a free on-site consultation, or just get answers on any questions you have for your siding project.


General Electric General Electric GE012A Window and Door Silicone I Caulk, 9.8-Ounce, Clear
Home Improvement (General Electric)
  • Permanently weatherproof
  • 100% Silicone
  • Typical Uses: windows, doors, siding, trim, molding, baseboards, vents, around wires/pipes and other attic/basement applications
  • Adheres to: Most wood, metal, vinyl siding, drywall/plaster, glass and plastic
  • Meets federal specifications: TT-S-001543A (COM-NBS), TT-S-00230 (COM-NBS), ASTM-C-920 type S, NS, class 25 use NT, G A&O test requirements

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Caulking does not replace flashings

I don't know what situation you have, but a "normal" roofing detail at the roof to wall transition, would normally be a piece of metal flashing.
Typically a metal flashing bent at the pitch of the roof would be used, the dimensions could vary, the most common for composition roofing would be 3"x5"x10'. The 5" leg would sit on the roof, and the 3" would go up behind the wall/siding/stucco etc.. If that is not possible, you could mount a surface mounted reglet to counter the roof to wall flashing and caulk the reglet.
Again, you would not only use caulking to create the flashing

I'm assuming you are replacing the casings

This is where flashing goes on the application you describe anyway. The most important thing is to get a head flashing up under the siding and out over the top casing, usually you will have to pull the nails in the piece of siding right over the window, and slide an L shaped piece of flashing of the proper dimensions, you will want the metal to go up under the siding by about three inches, and extend flush with the face of the casing, and or wooden drip cap, this will have to be installed before the window, or if applying separate casings, before the top casing, the rest of the perimeter can usually just be caulked

Dap Dap 18152 Acrylic Latex Caulk with Silicone, 10.1-Ounce, White
Home Improvement (Dap)
  • Premium quality
  • Moisture and mildew resistant for caulking around window and door frames and siding corner joints
  • Provides excellent adhesion to glass, ceramic, wood, metal, brick, stone and more
  • 11 fl. oz
  • White
Ammex Corporation Momentive Performance Materials GE22681 Max Extra 3500 Siliconized Acrylic Window and Door Sealant, 10.1-Ounce, Almond
Home Improvement (Ammex Corporation)
  • For use around doors, windows, siding, trim, molding, baseboards and vents
  • Adheres to most metal, glass, tile, wood, metal, drywall, plaster, masonry and some plastics
  • Easy soap and water clean-up
  • For interior and exterior applications
  • Silicon zed acrylic
HEARTLAND HEARTLAND 21000 Dryer Vent Closure
Home Improvement (HEARTLAND)
  • Easy-to-install dryer vent closure
  • Lets warm air escape when open
  • Prevents cold air from entering when closed
  • Prevents insects from entering through dryer vent
  • Vent must be installed vertically and sliding may need to cut for proper installation.

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    • In addition to the above correct answers, I'd like to add that you should be standing away from ferrous objects when using a compass. Things such as door hinges, belt buckles, cars, metal siding etc are magnetic and can alter the earth's magnetic field to cause a compass to point somewhere beside the magnetic north pole.

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    • I would simply tell them to refund my money. My daughter in law works for a finance company and I know of a couple of automobiles that they have in storage waiting for titles because of foreclosure/repo and they have been sitting over 2 years, she told me they may have to junk them because of no title.

      Good Luck,

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