Yellow cedar roofing shingles

Roofers start nailing cedar shingles to the front of the log section.Although we had thought we would have a metal roof for Bunny Vista, Kelley always believed that a cedar shingle roof would look best on the house and would complement the stone, log, bark, and cedar siding. After lots of research, he found an incredible price on yellow cedar shingles; a couple of weeks ago, a truck arrived from British Columbia filled with our shingles. Since then, Robert Wilfong and his crew of roofers have been working steadily, hand-nailing the shingles with stainless steel nails. The roof over the log section is finished, complete with roof caps.The roofers placed the shingles on the shed addition closer together because of the lower roof pitch. we expect the most of the roof to be finished mid-week. The roofers will return once the chimney is done and the porches are on to finish the job.

Here is what I learned about the cedar shingles:

Yellow cedar is actually not cedar–it is cypress. It grows only in the mountains of Alaska, British Columbia and Washington. Because of the short growing season it has very tight growth rings, making ie exceptionally strong, heavy, and dense.Nailing the roof caps at the peak of the log section. to a silver gray. Right now it is, well, yellow, but when it has weathered, the color should be wonderful with the logs, stone, and bark.

The botanical name for yellow cedar is callitropsis nootkatensis. It is also often called Nootka cypress. Its name is derived from Nuu-chah-nulth, one of the indigenous peoples of Vancouver Island, Canada, on whose land the tree was first discovered. The Nootka people often used the wood for totem poles, canoes, and utensils. It is often used for boat building and for siding, shingles, and decking.


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Yellow Cedar Tapersawn Shakes
Yellow Cedar Tapersawn Shakes

This is cedar pattern 105? If so try here:

Good site, lots of info on installation,preservation[coatings]--and retailers[bottom here]:
This place in Vermont pops up alot--don't know who would sell his products near you:
Maybe "wood siding sales"
"lumber/siding/sales" in your local yellow pages would save some running around.
Cedar Retailers
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23 miles
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Big B Lumber
5940 Pacheco Blvd
Pacheco, CA 94553
Tel: 925-689-9632
Fax: 925-689-0277

General Contractor

Preferably one that does carpentry. Get a min of 3 bids, the more the better and work with one that you have a good rapor with.
Don't use vinyl siding, it tends to dry out and yellow in the sun and shatter in the cold/cool damp air. Don't believe the salesman, he's lying. The best siding is still cedar if you can afford it. If not then use T-111, not the LP/OSB stuff, (it still promotes the growth of mold and will rot off your home in short order) and make sure it's a min 1/2" thick.
Your soffits need framing and trim to make them work. They will also require ventilation

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