Red cedar clapboard siding

Clapboard Cedar Wood Siding

With vinyl siding in the

Clapboard Western Red Cedar Siding
Boston Cedar is proud to offer Clapboard Cedar Siding made from superior finger-jointed vertical grain Western Red Cedar.
Clapboard Western Cedar Siding features installation versatility and durable performance provided the product is stored, handled, and installed correctly. Clapboard is expertly factory primed using an gray alkyd oil primer applied under controlled temperature and humidity conditions.
1/2" x 6" Clapboard can be installed with reduced in-place costs as a result of great tallies consisting of at least 90% - 16' lengths.
You can purchase Clapboard with the confidence that you are getting real western red cedar siding without compromising quality or aesthetics.


Cedar West Red Cedar Siding - Full Lifts Tongue and Groove / Profile: 1"x6" / 8'
Home Improvement (Cedar West)

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My house had vinyl on it...

When I bought it 18 years ago. I've never heard it make any noise. I've never heard it flap in the wind and I've been through several hurricanes, including Katrina.
I haven't had to paint it, although I've had to wash it with a detergent/ bleach solution. Every corner post is broken near the bottom from the lawnmower. I've got a melted spot from the damn BBQ bit.
Overall, although I have some repairs to do, I'm happy with it. And I've put up quite a bit of wood siding in my life, red cedars, white cedars, clapboard, tongue and groove cedar, etc..

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  • Avatar kedar Replacing siding on old house with no sheathing, what to do?
    Sep 15, 2008 by kedar | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I'm replacing siding and insulating 1850 home. There is no sheathing. If I add 3/8" ply, then siding will be proud of corners and casings. Trim is elaborate and ornate so not replacing. (using 1/2" x 6" clear cedar bevel siding and since no sheathing, insulation can be fiberglass) Any recommendations?

    • The following page on exterior sheathing choices may be helpful:
      types of insulation and insulation materials are written about - it may help you to make a decision about what kind to use:
      this helps.