Cedar Shake Shingles

cedar shake shingles Cedar Shake ShinglesWood tiles and rattles go back to northeastern times when we were holding the roofs system of preference. They are usually made from Reddish Cedar. The tiles are sawn consistently, in a few common sizes. Drinks are break up, creating a much more rustic look, but that does need an additional lifetime of roofing sensed between each covering to help prevent water leaks. Wood roofs can be attached to roofs which might be 3:12 and over. They’re also light weight, to allow them to be placed on virtually any framework.

For an eye-treating home exterior, you need to choose the right exterior paint. There are different considerations in exterior

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cedar shingle siding picture Cedar Shake Shingles Wood Shake Roofing Cedar Shake Shingles Roofing shingles Cedar Shake Shingles wood shingles Cedar Shake Shingles

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Cedar West Red Cedar Siding - Full Lifts Tongue and Groove / Profile: 1"x6" / 8'
Home Improvement (Cedar West)

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All valid points

But it's really a matter of personal taste. I hate the way the vinyl sided houses in my neighborhood look. my neighbors are finally, slowly starting to remove the siding and go back to wood.
one option is to remove the wood siding entirely and reside. For something that's going to last longer with less maintenance [and it'll depend somewhat on the style of house and the neighborhood], i'm a big fan of natural cedar siding, allowing it to weather naturally. i like the way it looks, and it doesn't require the maintenance that paint does. But a good paint job, done correctly, should last at least 6 years

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