Western Red Cedar, the Natural Siding Choice

As the hot summer becomes but a distant memory, the ideal season for installing siding here in the Northeast arrives. During the early months of fall, many folks kick into gear to get a siding installation job done before the sloppy winter months make the job more difficult.

Some consumers believe that wood, when used as a siding material, is a non-durable building material while man-made products such as vinyl and fiber cement are. In fact, all building materials have limits in terms of durability, color-fast properties and visual appeal.

The importance of the siding selected for a new home or a remodeling project should not be made in haste or solely on cost. Wood siding, Coastal Western Red Cedar in particular, is considered to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing and versatile exterior cladding options. With hundreds of years of proven dependability, performance and beauty, the allure of Coastal Western Red Cedar siding is hard to deny. Over time, genuine cedar siding may even aid in boosting the overall property value.

When the choice is made to go with Western Red Cedar siding, it is best to purchase the highest grade possible; Clear Heart Vertical Grain. If plans include painting or staining, always demand that the siding is factory sealed or primed on all six sides. Once the siding has been shipped to the jobsite, it must be properly stored and adequately acclimated prior to starting the installation process.

Source: www.bostoncedar.com

Cedar West Red Cedar Siding - Full Lifts Tongue and Groove / Profile: 1"x6" / 8'
Home Improvement (Cedar West)

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All valid points

But it's really a matter of personal taste. I hate the way the vinyl sided houses in my neighborhood look. my neighbors are finally, slowly starting to remove the siding and go back to wood.
one option is to remove the wood siding entirely and reside. For something that's going to last longer with less maintenance [and it'll depend somewhat on the style of house and the neighborhood], i'm a big fan of natural cedar siding, allowing it to weather naturally. i like the way it looks, and it doesn't require the maintenance that paint does. But a good paint job, done correctly, should last at least 6 years

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