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insulated vinyl sidingInsulated Vinyl Siding

With energy conservation on the everyone's mind, manufacturers of vinyl siding have introduced products that incorporate a vinyl siding with an insulated backer board. With these products you get the best of two worlds, the durablity and low maintainence of vinyl siding combined with a thermal foam insulation. In some cases the insulation found in these products can increase the insulation value of your exterior walls by as much as 30%. Also the molded foam insulation inlay makes your siding stronger by adding support to the vinyl panel. It will also make your home noticably quieter from outside noise. This variety of vinyl siding may cost a little more than regular uninsulated siding but the added value in terms of comfort and energy savings is well worth it.

-- All of the benefits of vinyl siding
-- Increases Insulation value of walls, will lower energy bills
-- Because it's supported, it is stronger than regular vinyl
-- Makes home noticably quieter from outside noise
-- Adds more value to the home and makes for a tighter, greener home

Fiber Cement Siding

A popular product homeowners are choosing is fiber cement siding. It has the look of wood but is pest and bird resistant, has lower maintenance, and will last longer.thin brick veneer or stone home. It will cost you a little more than vinyl siding, and it will have to be painted.

Fiber-cement siding (made of cement, sand, and cellulose fiber) looks like wood, but it's more durable and less expensive.

-- Available in planks from 5 1/4 inches to 12 inches wide
-- Smooth or wood textures available
-- Fire-resistant and termite-proof; won't rot or crack
-- Holds paint up to 15 years
-- Limited, transferable warranties up to 50 years


Brick is a product that has stood the test of time. In fact, many brick homes are still standing after hundreds of years. Actual brick is fired clay and comes in a range of colors from red to a variety of earth tones and gives the exterior of your home a rich, traditional look. Another nice benefit of brick is you won’t have to worry about repairs for at least 20 years from installation.

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Cedar West Red Cedar Siding - Full Lifts Tongue and Groove / Profile: 1"x6" / 8'
Home Improvement (Cedar West)

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Painting cedar siding

I live in a VERY old house with balloon framing etc. The house was restored in 1970 and they replaced the old siding with California redwood lap siding. I bought the house two years ago with a nice new paint job and now the paint is peeling off in football sized chunks exposing the raw wood (primer and two coats coming off together). I am going to scrape and prime and repaint but I want to know how to repaint so it won't peel off in two years?
What might cause the paint to do this?
Any products for cedar or redwood that adhere better?
All of the paint is peeling not just the sunny side of the house

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