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Our Cedar Siding as Interior

From the smallest cabin to the largest commercial endeavor, we have the wood siding for every job. Our log siding and cedar siding are superior because of our wood quality, precision fitting and style options.

Why Our Log and Cedar Siding is the
Best Choice For Your Home

  • Choose from 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” face coverage, in pine or cedar.
  • High-tech milling machines ensures our logs and corners fit together with a minimum of job site fitting and cutting.
  • All products are available in hand hewn or smooth milled finishes.
  • Easy ordering with free quotes and estimates.
  • Precision fitting ensures against air and moisture infiltration.
  • Save time with our custom staining option. We can deliver your siding already stained and ready to install.
  • No order is too small or too big. We pride our ability to meet any need large or small.

Log Siding:

Our pine & cedar log siding is featured in both full and half log patterns, and in sizes ranging from 2" X 6" to 3" X 10". Choose a smooth log finish, or for the look of authentic hand-hewn drawn knife timbers, choose from our full line of hand hewn profiles. Scan Log profiles available in both smooth & hand hewn. Complete your design with our full line of corner & trim options.

Cedar Siding:

Enterprise Wood Products is proud to offer a variety of thickness and profiles in both bevel and rabbeted cedar siding. From 11/16” to 5/4” thickness and from 6” to 10” profiles, choose the cedar siding of your choice.

Source: www.enterprisewood.com

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Painting cedar siding

I live in a VERY old house with balloon framing etc. The house was restored in 1970 and they replaced the old siding with California redwood lap siding. I bought the house two years ago with a nice new paint job and now the paint is peeling off in football sized chunks exposing the raw wood (primer and two coats coming off together). I am going to scrape and prime and repaint but I want to know how to repaint so it won't peel off in two years?
What might cause the paint to do this?
Any products for cedar or redwood that adhere better?
All of the paint is peeling not just the sunny side of the house

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