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At Empire Construction, we provide full exterior siding services for residential homes and commercial properties that will improve the look of your home and keep energy costs low. Siding materials we offer include vinyl, wood, cedar, and cement board. Empire Construction can provide exterior siding services to the manufacturer specifications and have your home looking great year round.

Vinyl Siding

One of the most popular types of siding available today is vinyl siding. Cost-effective, durable and easy to maintain, vinyl siding is a great choice for both residential and commercial buildings in Connecticut. At Empire Construction, we can install traditional or contemporary vinyl siding that comes in a wide variety of styles to fit the existing décor of your home or commercial building.Completed Siding on Home your home or business to be well-insulated so you don’t spend a fortune on heating and cooling. We also provide wood, cedar and cement siding to effectively protect the exterior of your home. With each custom siding job we install highly efficient foam insulation that helps you save on your energy costs. In addition we’ll wrap all of your trim, windows, doors, fascia, soffits and rake boards so you get superior protection from the elements. We’ll also install new vents for dryers and attics so you have a low maintenance home. With our expert siding installers you’ll get the highest quality vinyl siding at a price you can afford.


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Cedar has natural tannins.

You powerwashed them off (hence the gray), but then as the fence dried, tannins rose to the surface again.
To get rid of the gray weathering, you should use a wood brightener that's designed for cedar and redwood (available at any hardware or home improvement store - you want wood *brightener* not just wood cleaner). Spray it on using a pump-type sprayer, let sit a few minutes, then power-wash off. Bright and new.
But in time with weather and sun, that gray weathering WILL come back. You can keep the natural, new, bright look longer by applying a sealer

Clear Redwood

Usally, I select and install this type of clear redwood for my customers here in Souhtern ,CA, although install graded wood as well.
The other woods people mention are hardly avaialble here except vertical grain doug fir.
Redwood is the most common here in California, we have rough dog eared cedar but nothing clear for fence materials unless your selecting it from the lumber yard and milling all the boards. Which is usually used for siding and other works. If I'm using Dog Eared wood I usally cut all my boards off as I hate the look anyway. I don't see any value or decrease in usage over the term
Currently it is very difficult to find this material in the Lumber yards as a fence board with at least one side sanded smooth with opposite side just milled which is...

Anchor Fasteners Simpson Strong Tie S5SND1 5d Cedar and Redwood Siding Nails 1-3/4-Inch 14 Gauge 304 1-Pound Stainless Steel
Home Improvement (Anchor Fasteners)
  • Most sizes available in 1 and 5 pound boxes
  • Checker head pattern blends with wood grain
  • Annular ring shank increases hold
  • Works great for Cedar and Redwood Siding applications
  • Diamond Point for easy driving

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  • Avatar Yolani Recommend power washing for a cedar-sided house?
    Jul 24, 2006 by Yolani | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

    I got an estimate from a painting company to re-stain my cedar-sided house. He wants to power wash first. Is that good for the cedar? I thought the wood might absorb the water and then the stain won't adhere as well. What is anybody's thoughts on this?

    • I do it all the time. First, I apply Dekswood in solution to brighten the wood and kill any mold. Let the chemicals do the work. The Dekswood is oxcalic acid and most foundation plantings LOVE acid.

      When …e game)

      After a couple of good drying days, I would apply a good quality stain by spray and back-brush technique. I recommend Cetol SRD made by Sikkens. It's a little more expensive, but worth every penny.

  • Avatar donald Can i use wood burning pellets as a bed liner for my guinea pig?
    Apr 11, 2011 by donald | Posted in Rodents

    I heard that you can use wood burning pellets for rabbits i was wondering if i could use it for my guinea pig, or if it would ause any problems
    also what type of play areas are best ?
    do they sell any large t …old that they would get stuck in the one for hampsters?
    why does my guinea pig chew on her cage, what can i give her to help keep her nails and teeth short, she doesnt seem to care for the wooden blocks or treats.

    • It depends on what type of wood the pellets are made of. Soft woods like pine and cedar are toxic. Hardwood like Aspen is perfectly fine though. Also, since they're wood burning pellets, make sure there are no additives …
      Give your guinea pig wooden blocks to chew. They sell flavored ones at the pet stores. They'll encourage your piggie to chew them instead of his cage. You can also soak untreated wood in fruit juice to flavor it.

  • Avatar blugh. Home-made acoustic guitar help, what kinds of wood? How do I curve the sides?
    Sep 02, 2009 by blugh. | Posted in Engineering

    I am going to attempt to make an acoustic guitar for my music appreciation class project. However I'm not sure what woods would be best. I'm not looking for fancy hard to get woods that are expensive but woods that look and sound beautiful. The tricky part is the curving of the sides. How do I do this? What wood type is best?

    • The type of wood I would recommend is mahogany for the neck back and sides. It is good looking, affordable and available. And unlike other woods you might choose such as rosewood, maple, or other extremely hard woods, ma …r parts. They even sell complete kits including plans and DVD instructions. Grizzly Industrial is another great source for guitar building kits, woods and supplies as is Luthier's Mercantile. Good luck with your project.