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Cedar Dimensions Shingle Siding

Cedar Dimensions Shingle Siding—a premium cedar panel that provides the natural beauty of hand-tooled roughsawn cedar siding without the maintenance.

• Texture is molded from real cedar shingles for a realistic look from any angle
• Matching Outside Corner Post provides a clean, seamless appearance
• Available in a wide variety of colors, including rich, dark colors and two new shaded colors
• Patent-pending “Straight-Up” locking system for easy, secure vertical installation
• Withstands severe weather conditions with winds up to 210 mph*
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

*Tested in accordance with ASTMD5206. Wind speed rating will vary depending on specific code region and construction method. Refer to local building codes for detailed requirements concerning allowable wind load and specified conversion tables for actual wind speed.

Cellwood Cedar Dimensions Shingle Siding’s matching Outside Corner Posts (above) provide a cleaner, more authentic appearance to your home than standard outside corner post options

Cedar Dimensions Round Cut Siding

Cedar Dimensions Round Cut Siding completes
the look with beauty and classic architectural styling.
• Authentic cedar texture looks like the real thing without the maintenance hassles
• Withstands severe weather conditions with winds up to 180 mph.*
• 1⁄2″ profile height provides realistic shadow lines
• .080″ thickness for strength and durability
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

Source: keystonevinyl.net

Special Lite Products Special Lite Products LB-8051-DBL Light Block - Double Fits 5/8-Inch Lap 4-Inch Siding, White
Home Improvement (Special Lite Products)
  • The simplest way to attach a lighting fixture to siding
  • Made of durable polyurethane
  • Can be painted or stained to match desired color

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Painting Tips from the Pro's

Painting tips form the pro's
It's very important to hire a professional for your house painting project.
Make sure you get 3-5 current references and estimates. It's also important that you fell comfortable with the contractor you hire go with your instinct. Matt Jaworski of Jaworski Coating, Inc professional painting contractor out of Cleveland Ohio suggest you consider your options by discussing in great detail with the painting contractor what your specific needs are and how to prepare and paint the surfaces properly. In some situations a contractor will tell you one thing and do another don't be a victim of a homeowner wasting your hard earned money

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  • Avatar a_redhead1979 I need to know about modular as opposed to manufactured homes..?
    Nov 28, 2006 by a_redhead1979 | Posted in Renting & Real Estate

    I live in Southern California so our problems are fire and earthquakes---each can do just as much damage to a regular, built on site home Help!

    • Manufactured homes are built on Steel Beams... Modular homes are built to the same requirements as a stick built house. Once a manufactured home is placed on property - it can be placed without a permanent foundation - i …t is important is because buying a home should be considered an investment and you want your investment to increase in value. Often times with manufactured homes the land increases in value but the home itself decreases.

  • Avatar Meg Help with hamsters!?
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    Okay. ive posted lots of questions on hamster and im finally getting one for christmas!☻. well i need to know what kinnd of stuff to get at first. Could you help?

    Thanks in advance!☻
    Rosie, (not to be mean) but if you use newspaper you can poison your hamster. it has to do with the ink

    • There are all kinds of decent cages, you can buy. I would try to buy a good one that has the basic essentials, i.e, water bottle, ramp or exercise wheel. You will also want to buy some hamster shavings to put in the cage and change that at least once a week, also you will need to buy some hamster food and a bowl for the food to go in. Try Petsmart