18" Western Red Cedar ShinglesNo.1 grade; Rebutted & Rejointed (R&R)

* Prestained Cedar Shingles available *

Western Red Cedar (WRC) is an ideal exterior siding material. It has a high insulation value and uses natural protection against mold, moisture, temperature changes, decay and insects. So it's not only durable, but it is beautiful. WRC fits any architectural style.

R&R shingle edges have been machine-trimmed to be parallel, and butts have been retrimmed at right angles for a uniform appearance. This premium grade shingle is primarily used for sidewall applications.

Factory finished by Edmund Allen Lumber with technically superior coatings and processes, the built-in durability of nature's shingles is backed by a century-old cedar and finishing pioneer. We only finish kiln-dried shingles with factory-warranted coatings in a controlled environment, ensuring optimal performance and lasting beauty for each application. Five and fifteen-year coating warranties turn design aspirations into responsible, low-maintenance product decisions.

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• Installation Instructions
• Cabot Factory Finish Color Card

• Timeless
For centuries, cedar shingles have set the standard for durability and authenticity in exterior design. The look is as relevant today as it was when Edmund Allen Lumber was founded in 1987.

• Natural
There is no plastic or cement alternative that can duplicate the random individuality, warm texture and unlimited color palette of real cedar shingles.

• Versatile
Variable exposures, staggered or even rows, decorator accents, or any combination of the above: cedar shingles offer an opportunity for a signature look for your home.

• Guaranteed
Even unfinished shingles will last for generations; add our factory finishing and you will turn your design aspirations into low maintenance siding with 5 and 15-year coating warranties.

Source: www.edmundallen.com

FOX VALLEY STEEL AND WIRE Ace Cedar Shake Siding Nail 1-3/4

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Depends on the window company then.

When I had to replace 12 windows and they needed to be retrofit w/o fins, the window company that I dealt with basically just cut off the fins in the factory. They did not make anything like what you have described. As there was some exposure, what I did was set them in place flush with where the fin would be against the sheeting. Cut 4" strips of Grace Ice and Snow Shield and applied to the existing t1-11 overlapping the exterior window frame on the top and sides making sure to fill each groove of the siding with 100% silicone. Then I ran 1x4 cedar trim over that also heavily caulking the top, side, and grooves of the siding

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