Interior Knotty Cedar Tongue and Groove Paneling

knotty cedar panelingOur knotty cedar tongue and groove paneling is just one of our many options that you can choose to enhance the look of your home. When evaluating whatever kind of paneling you want to use in your house there seem to be a lot of options. We try and simplify your life by helping you make the key decisions.

  • What wood type should you use?
  • Are there differences in the grades and where you get your lumber from?
  • What color and finish should I choose?
  • What about installation and maintenance?

We enjoy answering these types of questions for our customers every day. We will work with you to find the best solution for you. The quality of lumber we use is top of the line and hand selected from the best mills in the country. Sourcing from the best lumber mills ensures the highest quality for your project. Our finishing process is the next key piece we want you to know about. We finish all sides of the lumber so you get an even coating of stain and won’t have to worry about shrink lines. Our finish is also treated with a UV light and heat which makes it three times more durable than an in home staining process. You can see more specifications below on our different products.

T&G 1×6 Knotty Cedar Paneling, WP-4 Pattern
Lengths: 8’-16’
Piece Width: 5-5/16”
Exposed Face Width: 5”
Lineal Feet per Square Foot: 2.4
Thickness: 21/32”
Waste Factor: 10-15%

knotty tongue and groove cedarT&G 1×8 Knotty Pine Paneling, WP-4 Pattern
Lengths: 8’-16’
Piece Width: 7-1/4”
Exposed Face Width: 6-15/16”
Lineal Feet per Square Foot: 1.73
Thickness: 21/32”
Waste Factor 10-15%

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our prefinished Cedar Tongue and Groove is not perfectly smooth. You can expect some areas to have a texture that sanding between coats does not eliminate. This is a normal characteristic of Cedar Tongue and Groove and one of nature’s most beautiful creations.

NOTE: Dura-Groove® Cedar is only intended to have the smooth face exposed. The majority of the back side is sealed to minimize shrinkage and expansion, but the rough sawn back does not have a finish coat. Dura-Groove is for interiors only. Specifications are approximate and subject to change.


Cedar West Western Red Cedar Siding - Half Lifts Tongue and Groove / Profile: 1"x
Home Improvement (Cedar West)

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Depends on the window company then.

When I had to replace 12 windows and they needed to be retrofit w/o fins, the window company that I dealt with basically just cut off the fins in the factory. They did not make anything like what you have described. As there was some exposure, what I did was set them in place flush with where the fin would be against the sheeting. Cut 4" strips of Grace Ice and Snow Shield and applied to the existing t1-11 overlapping the exterior window frame on the top and sides making sure to fill each groove of the siding with 100% silicone. Then I ran 1x4 cedar trim over that also heavily caulking the top, side, and grooves of the siding

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