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dahYou want your home to feel like a place you can be proud of, so when it comes to siding, you’ll want to consider all of the options. Siding materials are versatile, and there are a number of options for each type, but let’s narrow it down to two of the most popular materials available: vinyl and cedar.

Vinyl Siding: The Pros
Here’s the first big advantage of vinyl: vinyl siding is much more affordable than other options, and can actually be quite attractive in appearance, due to its versatility. Vinyl can come in a number of different colors as well, which will give you free rein over your home’s facade.

Unlike cedar, vinyl siding requires extremely little maintenance once installed, needing only to be hosed down with water or occasionally scrubbed, depending on the season. Installation of vinyl siding is also far less expensive than the same process for cedar. This is because installing vinyl siding is a much easier, less time-consuming process.

Cedar Shake or Cedar Clapboard?
If you want an option that has a more classic, refined look, cedar may be the siding choice for you. Cedar shake is a beautiful, traditional type of wood siding. Each cut is several inches thick.Ricketts nd requires a lot more upkeep, but also has passed the test of time.

Cedar has been in use for centuries due to its natural resistance to insects, and is minimally porous, making it more water resistant than other woods – with the right amount of maintenance. Cedar shake siding also has the advantage of adding substantial value to a home.

Cedar clapboard, on the other hand, uses longer panels that are installed horizontally. While clapboard also has a higher price tag than vinyl, it is known for adding a rustic look to the home, having been used for centuries before vinyl was even invented. Most high-end homes use some kind of wood siding.


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Need advice on paint vs. siding

My very old house desperately needs to be painted and it will need massive scraping before that can be done. It is cedar shingles.
Someone suggested that I should install vinyl siding because it is so much better than in the past and it will increase the value of my house and also never need to be painted again.
Right now the quotes that I've gotten for the scraping and painting are around $10,000 and the quote for the siding is around $25,000 which I think is high. If I pursue this, I will be getting more quotes.
Any ideas or suggestions? FYI, the house is pretty

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  • Avatar a_redhead1979 I need to know about modular as opposed to manufactured homes..?
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    I live in Southern California so our problems are fire and earthquakes---each can do just as much damage to a regular, built on site home Help!

    • Manufactured homes are built on Steel Beams... Modular homes are built to the same requirements as a stick built house. Once a manufactured home is placed on property - it can be placed without a permanent foundation - i …t is important is because buying a home should be considered an investment and you want your investment to increase in value. Often times with manufactured homes the land increases in value but the home itself decreases.

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    Thanks in advance!☻
    Rosie, (not to be mean) but if you use newspaper you can poison your hamster. it has to do with the ink

    • There are all kinds of decent cages, you can buy. I would try to buy a good one that has the basic essentials, i.e, water bottle, ramp or exercise wheel. You will also want to buy some hamster shavings to put in the cage and change that at least once a week, also you will need to buy some hamster food and a bowl for the food to go in. Try Petsmart